Frontera Chunky Mexicana Salsa Review

Frontera Chunky Mexicana Salsa

We’ve been very impressed with the Frontera line of frozen food, which comes from the world-famous chef Rick Bayless. Their frozen taco bowls and skillets have treated us very well here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. So you can imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon more of Frontera’s products in the salsa section of our local grocery store.

While it’s not a frozen food, we thought we’d check out the Frontera Chunky Mexicana Salsa today.

Obviously, this is designed to be eaten as a topping, not a meal. It’s great for dipping chips or even burritos (we tried it with Evol’s Chicken, Bean and Rice Burrito, as well as with some Tostitos Scoops! chips, as shown below).

Frontera Chunky Mexicana Salsa

As you can see in our images, the salsa is thick and chunky, so it holds its form quite well when dumped into a dish. There’s going to be some watery residue in the dish as well, but that’s going to be true for pretty much any tomato-based salsa, so we can’t really hold that against Frontera.

Frontera Chunky Mexicana Salsa

And this is definitely a tomato-based salsa — the first three ingredients listed on the jar are fire-roasted tomatoes, diced tomatoes, and tomatoes (along with some tomato paste just a few items down). Clearly, this is designed for tomato lovers.

But that doesn’t mean this is without peppers. There are fire-roasted anaheim peppers and fire-roasted jalapeno peppers on board. Of course, this isn’t a spicy affair — we’d call this a mild salsa — so those craving something sinus-clearingly hot probably want to look elsewhere.

The flavor is great. We found that anything this salsa touched — in our chase just chips and some burritos — were instantly made better.

Two tablespoons of salsa is considered a serving, and you can tell from our picture above that we ate more than that. But a single serving only contains 10 calories, which is barely anything. Of course, there are still 200 mg of sodium in that tiny serving, so this salsa contains a ton of sodium. Keep that in mind if you are pairing this with chips, which are also no slouch when it comes to sodium.

If Frontera’s plans are for domination of the Mexican food market, The Frontera Chunky Mexicana Salsa is proof that they might have what it takes. We have no qualms saying this is a great salsa.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Frontera salsa, check out our package scans below.

Frontera Chunky Mexicana Salsa

Frontera Chunky Mexicana Salsa

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