Red’s Organic Cheese Enchiladas Review

Red's Organic Cheese Enchiladas

We’ve had the chance to sample all kinds of enchiladas at Freezer Meal Frenzy. From meaty chicken enchiladas to enchilada bowls, we’ve tried many takes on this classic Mexican dish. So of course we were going to eventually get around to trying out Red’s Organic Cheese Enchiladas. It was just a matter of time.

The box recommends heating this meal in the microwave, and we decided to follow their advice. It only took a few minutes to warm up our enchiladas, and they seemed to be evenly cooked. That said, we’re not sure that the microwave was the best choice for the tortillas; they were definitely on the chewy side.

If you think the enchiladas shown below look a little bit messy, you’re definitely not wrong. The enchilada sauce is thin and soupy; it’s not easy to eat it with a fork. As we mentioned earlier, the tortillas are slightly tough, which makes them difficult to cut into. Eating this meal required some extra effort on our part.

Red's Organic Cheese Enchiladas

That said, the meal itself is fairly tasty. The enchilada sauce is mild, but it still has plenty of flavor to it. The enchiladas are filled with a generous serving of gooey Monterey jack and white cheddar cheeses. There’s plenty of sauce, which means the enchiladas are never dry. This is a fairly basic enchilada, but it doesn’t really feel like anything is missing — it’s tasty just as it is.

Now, you’ll want to be careful with the nutrition info on this package. While these enchiladas are clearly designed to be eaten as a pair, the nutrition info considers each enchilada to be its own seving. That means the perfectly reasonable 210 calories advertised on the package actually becomes the much-less-appealing 420 calories.

Red’s Organic Cheese Enchiladas probably aren’t going to blow you away, but they’re still perfectly serviceable. We would have preferred a spicier enchilada sauce, but the milder sauce isn’t overly plain. If you’re not big on spicy foods but still love enchiladas, you may want to give this Mexican-inspired meal a try.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in these Red’s frozen enchiladas, check out our package scan below.

Red's Organic Cheese Enchiladas

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