Amy’s Meals for Two – Chili Mac & Cheese Review

Amy's Meals for Two - Chili Mac & Cheese

If you think Amy’s Meals for Two – Chili Mac & Cheese looks familiar, you have a sharp eye. We reviewed the single-serve version of this chili a while back, describing it as a “basic chili stirred into a bowl of box mac & cheese.” We decided to try the two-person version of this meal to see if the larger portion size had an impact on the taste.

While we cooked the original version of this macaroni in the microwave, the instructions for this meal required us to heat our dish on the stovetop. We definitely think that had a positive impact on the quality of the meal. The consistency of the sauce is a little more even, and the macaroni noodles were cooked perfectly. As the bag promised, the entire process took just 10 minutes.

Amy's Meals for Two - Chili Mac & Cheese

After comparing labels, we determined that this isn’t a double-sized version of Amy’s other chili mac. Two servings of that chili mac would contain 840 calories, and this entire bag contains 760 calories. It could probably feed two people, but the portions would be a bit small.

Even though these servings are small, we found this meal to be a little more satisfying; this dish tastes a lot better when it’s not heated in the microwave. It’s still a basic comfort food, and it’s not going to win any awards for flavor, but if you like chili and mac & cheese, you’ll probably like this too.

Amy’s Meals for Two – Chili Mac & Cheese isn’t a great option if you want to feed a hungry household. However, if you like chili mac, and you’re a fan of Amy’s, this is still worth trying. Whether you’re cooking for one or two, it’s clear that this meal is best when heated on the stove.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Amy’s Kitchen frozen food, check out our package scan below.

Amy's Meals for Two - Chili Mac & Cheese

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