Devour Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese: Second Opinion

Devour Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

If you’re a regular reader of Freezer Meal Frenzy, then the Devour Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese sandwich probably looks familiar. The truth is, we reviewed it before (we also reviewed a quite similar item, the Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese, which has since become one of our favorite frozen foods). But sometimes, we need to give a frozen food a second chance at a first impression.

So what happened with the Devour Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese? Well, we liked it quite a bit, but we were a little disappointed by how the bread turned out in the microwave. We decided the only fair thing to do, then, was to try this again, yet this time cook it in the toaster oven instead of the microwave.

Here’s where we should warn you that the instructions on the package don’t mention anything about the toaster oven, so we had to completely wing it. We’re going off the beaten path here, so we thank you, dear reader, for bearing with us during this experiment.

Devour Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

So how did we pull this off? Well, we preheated our toaster oven on the “Toasted” setting (which only takes a few minutes), and we wrapped a small tray in aluminum foil. The sandwich comes with a small crisping tray, but we tossed that aside and stuck the two frozen sandwich halves on our aluminum-foil-wrapped tray. A few minutes in, we realized that if we wanted this thing to cook through to the center, we’d need to remove the tray entirely and cook the sandwich halves directly on the rack. So we did that, and let the sandwich cook the rest of the way on the toaster oven’s rack. The whole process took about ten minutes.

Now we need to talk about  the bread. It does get crispier in the toaster oven than it does in the microwave, but the center is still a bit too soft. We’d actually call it doughy here, whereas before we called it soggy. That’s perhaps a decent way to explain the difference between the final results of the two cooking methods. While the results of neither cooking method are perfect, we do find the toaster oven version to be a pretty big step up from the microwave version.

Now, the edges of the bread get maybe a bit too crisp, and we might even be tempted to use the word hard. This crust is no softy-pants.

Devour Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

In our previous review of this sandwich, we mentioned that this was a pretty spicy sandwich, and that’s definitely still true. What’s also true is that the chicken is of a very high quality, and the melty mozzarella makes a great topper for the whole thing. Really, the only major change is how the bread turns out.

Usually we talk a little bit about nutrition content and such, but since we’ve already done that in our full review, we won’t repeat ourselves. You can check out our thoughts in the review, or you can scroll to the bottom of this article and see what the package has to say.

So what’s our final verdict? Well, when cooked in a toaster oven, the Devour Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese comes out a bit crispier than it does in the microwave. If you find soggy bread to be a dealbreaker, you should definitely experiment with this sandwich. The sog factor was our only complaint the last time we tried this, and without it this is one great sandwich.

As always, package scans are below.

Devour Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese
Devour Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese
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