DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza Review

DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza

Frozen pizza can be great for several types of occasion. Sometimes you just need a quick, microwavable pizza to get you through your lunch break. However, there are other times when you really want to sink your teeth into a quality pizza. When we’re looking for the latter, we often turn toward DiGiorno. Well, it looks like the company is committed to some truly high-quality pies with their Pizzeria! sub-brand.

So today, we’re checking out the DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza. When we first spotted this at our local Target, it really got our mouths watering, so we’re pretty darn excited to dig in.

As soon as you pull this out of the package, you’ll notice right away that this is different from DiGiorno’s rising-crust pizzas. This thing has hand-tossed style crust, which is thick and puffy before you even cook it.

Unlike their personal-sized pizzas, which can be microwaved, this one needs to go in the oven. You’ll need to preheat your oven to 375 degrees fahrenheit, then pop in the pizza for 20-22 minutes or so. DiGiorno makes it pretty clear that they don’t want you to put this on a cookie sheet but straight onto the center oven rack. It’s easy as can be; it just takes a bit longer than its microwavable companions.

DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza

This thing comes out of the oven looking like a real beauty. It’s a shame to have to cut it into slices, but we eventually had to. And we’re glad we did, because this pizza is ridiculously good.

Now, we’re guessing you’re probably most interested in the crust, because that’s the biggest difference between this and other DiGiorno pizzas. Well, it’s quite good. It’s a little crispier around the edges than the rising crust, though it’s still soft where the ingredients lie. It’s a bit crisp at the very bottom, but then there’s a soft layer on top of that, followed by a little bit of a soggy layer beneath the sauce.

We’re not sure if DiGiorno uses different pepperoni here than they typically use on their other pepperoni pizzas, but we noticed that this has some bite to it. It’s not spicy, per se, but it has a surprising kick. Of course, that could be a result of the “spices,” which cover the top of this pizza, though we’re not sure what those are.

The rest of the pizza is what you’d expect from DiGiorno. The sausage is excellent, the cheese is great, and the sauce is the perfect thing to tie it all together. There are also onions and green peppers, but we think those contribute more to the smell of this pizza than the taste. All of this is quite good.

DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza

We mention this all the time, but we get really frustrated that so many frozen pizzas on the market consider 1/3 of a pizza to be a serving — it’s just such an awkward way to split a pizza. DiGiorno solves that problem by making 1/4 of a pizza a serving. Now, that’s a little small for a serving, but it certainly makes the math a lot easier when you’re trying to figure out the nutrition info for the portion size you’re eating.

So that’s the good news. The bad news is that this thing is loaded with calories. One serving (a quarter of a pizza) contains 350 calories (140 from fat) and 810 mg of sodium. That means half a pizza contains 700 calories (280 from fat) and 1,620 mg of sodium, and a whole pizza contains 1,400 calories (560 from fat) and 3,240 mg of sodium. While we don’t think that one person will end up eating more than half of this at a time (though it’s hard to stop eating this thing because it’s so good). Even so, that’s still a ton of calories and a freaky amount of sodium.

The DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza is incredibly good. It’s very high in calories, so save it for special occasions — but oh boy is this thing tasty!

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this DiGiorno frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza

DiGiorno Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza

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