Trader Joe’s Crispy Vegetable Pouches Review

Trader Joe's Crispy Vegetable Pouches

The Freezer Meal Frenzy staff appreciates all kinds of cuisine, but we’re particularly fond of food that is cute. While we occasionally feel guilty about biting into something adorable, we can’t deny that aesthetic appeal enhances any meal. So when we spotted the charming Trader Joe’s Crispy Vegetable Pouches, we hoped that they would taste as good as they looked. 

When you open up the package, you’ll find that these cute little pouches come in a tray that’s divided into three sections. If you’re craving a small snack, you can remove the plastic from one section and save the rest for later. If you’re a little hungrier, you can cook them all at once. No matter how many pouches you heat, it only takes about 15 minutes to cook them to crispy perfection.

Trader Joe's Crispy Vegetable Pouches

These prettily packaged wontons remind us a lot of another Trader Joe’s treat, the Vegetable Bird’s Nests. These pouches are a lot less greasy than the bird’s nests, and they don’t have a strong onion flavor, but other than that, the two dishes are very similar. The combination of veggies, such as carrots and cabbage, with a crispy coating is highly appealing; we’d be happy to chomp down these snacks any time. 

Although these pouches are flavorful enough to eat plain, we think they’d be even better with some something to dip them in. The box doesn’t include any sort of sauce, but we think they’d be amazing with a good sweet and sour sauce. A nice soy sauce, like the one that comes with the bird’s nests, would also be fantastic. 

Whether you’re looking for a snack you can enjoy on your own or a veggie-filled appetizer you can serve at parties, Trader Joe’s Crispy Vegetable Pouches should fit the bill nicely. They’re delicious, a cinch to cook, and cute as a button. (Cuter, really, if we’re being honest.) Even if you’re not the sort of person that judges food on looks alone, you’ll want to check this snack out.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in these Trader Joe’s Crispy Vegetable Pouches, check out our package scan below.

Trader Joe's Crispy Vegetable Pouches
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