DiGiorno Four Cheese Crispy Pan Pizza Review

DiGiorno Four Cheese Crispy Pan Pizza

We really love DiGiorno frozen pizzas here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, though we admittedly don’t eat them often. The last one we tried was the Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Pizza and we thought it was amazing. We also enjoyed the Aloha Bacon Pizza with Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Crust not all that long ago.

But every time we’re at the grocery store, we pass by DiGiorno’s selection of pan pizzas. “Those come in such large boxes,” we say to ourselves, “and the freezer is pretty well-stocked right now. Perhaps next time we’re here we’ll pick one up.” Well, we finally stopped all this pan pizza procrastinating and picked up the DiGiorno Four Cheese Crispy Pan Pizza.

This pizza comes in its own pan, so you can simply preheat your oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit and toss the pizza directly onto the oven rack. Wait, you didn’t think this would go in the microwave, did you? This thing is the size of a freaking city block!

DiGiorno Four Cheese Crispy Pan Pizza

After 22-24 minutes, out comes a delicious-smelling pan pizza. Well, the box claimed it should come out in 22-24 minutes; ours took a bit longer than that.

Now, if you’ve ever had a DiGiorno cheese pizza before, you should know what to expect from the sauce and the cheese. The sauce is a tomatoey affair, not to sweet and with a little bit of a tart finish. The cheese is mostly mozzarella with just a touch of parmesan, asiago, and romano thrown in.

But it’s the crust that makes the difference here. Is it crispy? Well, not really. It gets crisp around the edges, but this is mostly a soft crust that’s about an inch thick. There’s no way this would be crispy all the way through. It does taste quite good. Fans of thick pan crust are going to go nuts over this.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Crispy Pan Pizza

The box says that this pizza contains about five servings. This pizza actually cuts nicely into ten rectangles (the box shows you exactly how to do it), so that’s certainly not an unreasonable serving size. One serving contains 420 calories and 570 mg of sodium. We don’t think you’ll be eating a whole pizza in a single sitting — this thing is a monster — but if you did, that would be 2,100 calories and 2,850 mg of sodium. This isn’t a diet food.

To be fair, DiGiorno does recommend eating this with a salad.

The DiGiorno Four Cheese Crispy Pan Pizza is not for dieters, but it’s delicious. Just make sure you have room in your freezer before you take one of these home — they’re huge!

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this DiGiorno pan pizza, check out our package scan below.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Crispy Pan Pizza
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