Red’s Steak, Rice & Corn Salsa Review

Red's Steak, Rice & Corn Salsa

The Red’s brand of frozen foods isn’t always on point, but when they are, holy man, prepare your taste buds for something truly special. So when we picked up the Red’s Steak, Rice & Corn Salsa, we were very excited to take it home and see what it was all about.

Thankfully, this is very fast to cook. We were very hungry when we picked this up, and we didn’t want to wait to eat it. Simply pop it into the microwave for three minutes and it’s ready to go.

First off, we’re going to point out here that about 50% of this meal is white rice. We thought that was maybe a little bit too much (well, actually, we thought there was not enough of everything else.) But the overrepresentation of rice ends up not being that big a deal here.

Red's Steak, Rice & Corn Salsa

This is because an overwhelming majority of that other 50% is meat. Yes, this is a surprisingly generous steak portion, and that generosity goes a long way in making this a delicious meal.

The steak is coated in a thin layer of pepperjack cheese. Yes, we said pepperjack. It’s not the sort of cheese you might expect from a dish like this, but it’s a great choice that leads to some great flavor.

Then there’s some black beans, pinto beans, and corn, but they’re not all that prominent here. We’d say that of those, the pinto beans have the most prominent appearance. There’s even a smattering of bell pepper, though you might not even be able to tell. Don’t expect this to be loaded with peppers or anything.

Speaking of peppers, this also contains a chipotle adobo puree. This does turn up the spice level a notch, but we certainly wouldn’t refer to this as a spicy dish. We’d rate this at a mild spice level, and we’re not even from the south. Extreme spice-ophobes might want to stay away from this, but everyone else should be just fine.

This isn’t as calorie-loaded as we expected with 350 calories (100 from fat). Don’t get us wrong, this is no diet food, but we’ve certainly had things that were more fattening than this. The only problem is that this is actually a pretty small portion overall, and it might not leave you feeling full.

Red’s Steak, Rice & Corn Salsa is surprisingly good. This is mostly due to the combination of a generous steak portion, a layer of pepperjack cheese, and some chipotle adobo. It’s not the most filling dish on the market, but it sure is tasty.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Red’s salsa bowl, check out our package scan below.

Red's Steak, Rice & Corn Salsa
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