Amy’s Curried Lentil Organic Soup Review

Amy's Curried Lentil Organic Soup

In the world of Indian cuisine, lentils are a staple. They’re an easy and efficient source of protein, and they work well in many different dishes. Amy’s Curried Lentil Organic Soup makes it easy for you to add more legumes to your diet.

Obviously, this isn’t a frozen meal, but it is a product from one of our favorite frozen food brands, Amy’s Kitchen. Some of Amy’s meals have advertisements for their canned soups, which is why we decided to check them out.

Try Amy's Soup

Amy’s soups are always a breeze to make. We microwave our soups instead of heating them on the stove, and they turn out great every time. It only takes about two minutes to heat a bowl of soup, and you don’t even have to use a can opener. This is a fast and easy way to enjoy a nice hot meal.

This soup doesn’t look much like the beautiful golden dal that is pictured on the can. In fact, we’d go so far to say that it looks like a bowl full of sludge. It doesn’t really smell great either. If you care about presentation, this meal is probably not going to please you!

Amy's Curried Lentil Organic Soup

Taste-wise, however, we’d say this dish is okay. It’s lacking in spices — one of our favorite things about Indian food — and it’s a little boring overall, but it’s not bad. Sprinkle in some cumin and turmeric, and you might have a decent meal on your hands. That said, since Amy’s has soups that taste great straight out of the can, you might not want to bother with something that needs extra seasoning.

Amy’s Curried Lentil Organic Soup is easy to make, and it certainly isn’t disgusting, but it just isn’t an interesting soup. There are better lentil dishes in the Amy’s line, and there are better Amy’s soups too. Unless you don’t have any other options, you can do better than this dull soup.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Amy’s Kitchen canned soup, check out our package scan below.

Amy's Curried Lentil Organic Soup
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