Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Eggplant with Thai Basil Review

Trader Joe's Spicy Thai Eggplant with Thai Basil

Eggplant is a versatile food that’s used in a lot of vegetarian dishes. It can serve as a meat substitute, and it also makes for some great side dishes. This plant is front and center in Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Eggplant with Thai Basil.

Although this dish can be sautéd on the stove, we opted for the easier option and heated in the microwave. The process took about five minutes, and it couldn’t have been much simpler. While the microwave doesn’t always yield perfect results, we were pretty happy with our meal when we took it out of the microwave.

It’s hard to accurately describe this eggplant dish, but our team of crack reviewers will give it a try. While this dish looks fairly soupy on the box, we didn’t have any broth in our bowl. What we did have was plenty of spicy eggplant. The eggplant is seasoned with soy sauce, basil, garlic, and chile pepper, which gives it an unusual taste.

Trader Joe's Spicy Thai Eggplant with Thai Basil

Eggplant can be bitter or even spongy sometimes, but those aren’t words we’d use to describe the eggplant portion here. This tastes like it was marinated, and it has a rich, almost-juicy flavor. The texture actually reminded us a little of zucchini, which is one of our favorites. Even though this is just a pile of eggplant, it still ends up being a complex dish with plenty of flavor. It’s also fairly filling, even though there are just 200 calories per container.

Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Eggplant definitely wasn’t made for eggplant haters, nor was it made for people that hate spicy foods. The heat here won’t blow you away, but it might be overwhelming if you’re used to milder flavors. As for us? We thought that this eggplant dish was unusual and delicious, and we enjoyed every single spicy bite.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Trader Joe’s eggplant dish, check out our package scans below.

Trader Joe's Spicy Thai Eggplant with Thai Basil
Trader Joe's Spicy Thai Eggplant with Thai Basil
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sean buckley
sean buckley
2 years ago

I bought Trader Joe’s Thai Spicy Eggplant and put it in the freezer. It remained there a good while because of Thai food that tastes great in the restaurant is disappointing when you buy the frozen version. Finally, I tried it! WOW! This is great. I do not have to always go to a Thai restaurant to get good Thai food. I went back to Trader Joes and …of course it was DISCONTINUED!!!
I told several friends of my experience. They tole me similar stories of their favorite products being DISCONTINUED by Trader Joes…over and over.
Trader Joes needs to get rid of their marketing firm. They discontinue items too quickly in my opinion and the opinions of friends with whom I have discussed this issue.
otherwise, Trader Joes is a great market and a good employer from my conversations with workers. TOO BAD THAT THEY ARE SO QUICK TO DISCONTINUE GREAT PRODUCTS. If they know how I might buy this product elsewhere, that information will be greatly received. Thank you, Sean Buckley

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