Amy’s Family Size Vegetable Lasagna Review

Amy's Family Size Vegetable Lasagna

There are few foods our staffers love as much as frozen lasagna. Sure, we salivate over mac and cheese, and we always appreciate a good pizza, but we’re all Garfields at heart. We really enjoy dishes like Amy’s Frozen Vegetable Lasagna and eat them every chance we can. When we realized that there was a larger version available — the Amy’s Family Size Vegetable Lasagna — we grabbed our forks and got ready to dig in.

Frozen lasagna usually takes a long time to cook, and this one is no exception. We opted to toss it in the oven, where it cooked for about 45 minutes. You’ll have a long wait ahead of you even if you cook this baby in the microwave; Amy’s recommends heating it for 15 minutes.

Amy's Family Size Vegetable Lasagna

The picture below shows about a quarter of a pan. While a lot of “family sized” meals really only have enough food for one or two people, this dish lives up to its name. It’s a pretty big lasagna, and it’s stuffed with ingredients, which means even a smaller serving is going to be pretty filling.

Amy's Family Size Vegetable Lasagna

We thought that the smaller lasagna was lacking in a few things, like zucchini, ricotta, and other fillings. This lasagna, however, has much more reasonable portion sizes. There was plenty of lasagna to enjoy, and the dish was loaded with ricotta as well.

If you’re not sharing this lasagna with the rest of your family, you might wind up with leftovers. Thankfully, we can report that this lasagna is just as tasty the second time around. We threw our leftovers in the fridge, then the next day we tossed them in the microwave for about two minutes. After a few minutes of cooling, we had a perfectly cooked lasagna.

If the sight of lasagna makes you feel like a cartoon cat, and if you don’t mind larger portion sizes, Amy’s Family Size Vegetable Lasagna is definitely something you’ll want in your freezer. It might take a while to cook, but it’s worth the effort. It’s a delicious, vegetarian-friendly lasagna that could easily feed three people.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Amy’s frozen lasagna, check out our package scans below.

Amy's Family Size Vegetable Lasagna
Amy's Family Size Vegetable Lasagna
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