DiGiorno Italian Sausage Rising Crust Pizza Review

DiGiorno Sausage Rising Crust Pizza

How could any fan of frozen food not love DiGiorno frozen pizzas? We’ve been eating these for as long as we can remember — and we’ve reviewed quite a few of them — and we still have yet to find a bad pizza in the DiGiorno lineup.

So today we’re excited to finally be writing an official review for the DiGiorno Italian Sausage Rising Crust Pizza. This is one we’ve eaten several times in the past, but this time we’re actually typing out our thoughts. Trust us, this is long overdue.

So let’s dig in!

DiGiorno Sausage Rising Crust Pizza

One thing we should warn you about is eating this straight out of the oven. DiGiorno pizzas should cool for a bit before you take your first bite. The sauce tends to be extremely hot, and it’s quite easy to burn the roof of your mouth, which is never fun.

Now that the warning is out of the way, check out how thick this crust is.

DiGiorno Sausage Rising Crust Pizza

That’s some incredibly thick crust for a frozen pizza, right? This is clearly a pizza that wants you to indulge. And that crust tastes pretty darn good. Though it’s not on par with some of the higher-end crusts on the market (Amy’s Kitchen has an outstanding pizza crust), it’s definitely better than average.

The sausage is great. It’s juicy and flavorful, and it has a little bit of a bite to it. The only complaint we have is that it can get a little dry on top if you decide to cook this for a couple extra minutes (which we did this time). That’s definitely not enough to ruin the pizza, and it’s also easily avoidable — just stick with the 21-to-25-minute cook time.

DiGiorno’s uses a rich tomato paste as their sauce, and we really enjoy it. It’s not quite as sweet (or even as spicy) as some of the other pizza sauces out there. It’s more of a neutral red sauce, but we’re perfectly fine with that.

Apparently, there are six servings in a single pizza. That seems insane to us. We typically eat about half a pizza in a sitting, though we admit that this one is a bit more filling than many of the other frozen pizzas we’ve tried. But if you end up eating half the pizza, the 330 calories and 760 mg of sodium become 990 calories and 2,280 mg of sodium. Holy smackers! This is definitely not something you want to eat every day. Even DiGiorno’s website warns you against living off this stuff.

DiGiorno Sausage Rising Crust Pizza

The DiGiorno Italian Sausage Rising Crust Pizza is delicious, but it’s also loaded with calories. If you choose to bring one of these home, be sure to eat responsibly.

To learn more about the cooking instructions, nutrition content, or ingredients for this DiGiorno frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

DiGiorno Sausage Rising Crust Pizza
DiGiorno Sausage Rising Crust Pizza
DiGiorno Sausage Rising Crust Pizza
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