Gardein Eggless Scramble Breakfast Pockets Review

Gardein Eggless Scramble Breakfast Pockets

The Freezer Meal Frenzy staffers have never been able to resist breakfast foods. From pancakes to avocado toast to a nice omelet, we’ll never turn our nose up at a good breakfast. We’re especially fond of fast, easy, and vegan-friendly breakfast dishes like the Gardein Eggless Scramble Breakfast Pockets.

Gardein isn’t kidding when they call these pockets. We were stunned by how small they were when we took them out of the packing. Each pocket is about the size of a dinner roll. Thankfully, there are four tiny pockets per box. Plus, it only takes about two minutes to heat them up, which means you’ll have a tasty breakfast ready to go in no time.

Gardein Eggless Scramble Breakfast Pockets

As you can see, each little pocket is absolutely loaded with filling. There are chunks of fresh spinach, big hunks of bell pepper, and plenty of faux egg and cheese. The vegan scramble isn’t that similar to egg — it tastes a lot more like tofu — but the cheeze is surprisingly convincing. Coconut oil helps to give the filling a nice creamy flavor.

Gardein Eggless Scramble Breakfast Pockets

The crust of the pocket is slightly doughy, but you might be able to get a crispier texture if you cook these in a toaster oven rather than a microwave. Either way, it has a nice flavor to it. It’s slightly salty, but not in an overpowering way. It has just enough taste to keep it from being bland.

Since these pockets are so small, we were worried they wouldn’t be very filling. Luckily, our staffers found that two pockets were enough to fill a person up. At 200 calories a pocket, you probably won’t want to down an entire box on your own; this is something you’ll want to split with a friend or family member — or even save half the box for a later date.

If you’re looking for a nice frozen vegan breakfast, and you’re not afraid of calories, Gardein Eggless Scramble Breakfast Pockets are worth a go! These pockets are completely free of animal products, but they still have flavor to spare.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these frozen breakfast scrambles, check out our package scans below.

Gardein Eggless Scramble Breakfast Pockets
Gardein Eggless Scramble Breakfast Pockets
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