Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips Review

Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips

Chicken strips are a pretty versatile food. If you have a bag of frozen strips in your freezer, you can throw them in a salad, toss them in a stir-fry, or even make them the centerpiece of your sandwich. If you want all of the flexibility of chicken strips but don’t want to eat an actual chicken, Beyond Meat’s Grilled Chicken Strips are one of many meatless options.

We opted to cook these strips in a pan, and we found the process to be pretty effortless. You don’t really need to do much more than to keep the stove at medium heat and occasionally flip the strips. Since the faux meat browns as it cooks, it’s also easy to see when your strips are done.

In our experience, faux chicken is a lot more convincing when it has some sort of breading. That means these strips are rather unconvincing to the seasoned carnivore. There’s a slightly spongy texture that stands out when there’s nothing there to mask it. The char marks give these strips the look of real chicken, but they don’t have much of an impact on the taste. The strips are pretty bland as is.

Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips

Thankfully, it’s easy to transform these strips with the right sauce. We slathered them in barbeque sauce and thought they were pretty tasty. The slightly rubbery texture is still there, but it’s not overwhelming. If you were to hide these strips away in a fajita, you might forget that they’re not actual chicken in the first place.

If you’re looking for chicken-like strips that you can eat plain, Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips won’t be your best choice. These strips are nearly tasteless on their own, and they have texture issues too. However, if you’re willing to add some sauces or mix in a few other ingredients, you might be able to put together a tasty meatless dish.

To learn more about the cooking instructions, nutrition content, or ingredients for these chicken-less strips, check out our package scans below.

Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips
Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips
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