Stouffer’s Welsh Rarebit Review

Stouffer's Welsh Rarebit

Welsh rarebit at one point in history was called Welsh rabbit. We’re not sure why it changed, but we can say for certain that it looks nothing like an actual rabbit and it does not contain rabbit meat. Instead, it’s simply a savory, cheesy sauce poured over toast. Today, we’re checking out the Stouffer’s take on this classic British dish.

The Stouffer’s Welsh Rarebit is quite easy to cook. Many Stouffer’s meals have enormous cook times, but this dish will only take about four and a half minutes total. Not bad.

If you’re basing your impression of this dish off the picture on the cover, you’ll probably be surprised at what you actually find inside this dish. You know the toast you see on the cover? Well, that is absent. This dish is purely the rarebit sauce. That means you’ll need to toast up some bread if you want to enjoy this properly.

This probably isn’t a problem for anyone eating at home. After all, it’s quite unusual to be in a house without a loaf of bread. However, there are many situations where this could end up being a problem. For example, if you’re in a college dorm and your cabinet is filled with ramen and cans of tomato soup, or if you decided to pack this as a lunch for work. We’re a bit puzzled that Stouffer’s does not really signal anywhere on the box that the bread is not included. We do think the company could have been quite a bit clearer about that.

Stouffer's Welsh Rarebit

Now, let’s reiterate this because it’s super important: This box comes with the sauce only. There is no bread inside.

This is a cheese sauce that we’d actually compare to a thick queso, though this isn’t spicy and it contains worcestershire sauce. In fact, if you have some tortilla chips sitting around, this might be a good substitute for nacho cheese.

Stouffer’s claims there are four and a half servings in this box. That means this dish is meant to be in line with the Stouffer’s family-sized meals rather than their single-serve ones. That’s because there’s a ton of sauce here, and you’ll be adding your own toast if you want to enjoy this properly. A full box of this stuff contains about 585 calories (360 from fat) and 945 mg of sodium. Of course, you probably won’t slurp down a full box in a sitting. It gets pretty filling when you add toast.

The Stouffer’s Welsh Rarebit is an odd little thing. It’s definitely not what we expected. We did think we were going to find some soggy bread doused in cheese sauce, and instead we just found the sauce. Keep that in mind if you decide to pick this up.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Stouffer’s frozen food, check out our package scans below.

Stouffer's Welsh Rarebit
Stouffer's Welsh Rarebit
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Carole Post
Carole Post
6 months ago

Where can I purchase :welsh Rabit in the Fort Mill SC area?

1 month ago

Where can I buy Stouffers Welsh Rarebit in Florida?

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