Good Food Made Simple Egg White Patties Review

Good Food Made Simple Egg White Patties

The Freezer Meal Frenzy team doesn’t just chomp on frozen food in silence; we like to listen to a little music while we eat. We’re big fans of Jeff Rosenstock, and every time we listen to his song “Nausea,” which has a line about an egg white sandwich, we wind up craving egg white sandwiches. Thankfully, the Good Food Made Simple Egg White Patties are an easy way for us to satisfy our cravings while we jam out.

According to the instructions, these egg white patties need to be heated for 60 to 80 seconds. We nuked one of ours for 60 seconds, found that it was still cold in the middle, then flipped the patty over and cooked it for another 20 seconds. That still wasn’t enough to heat the patty, but an extra 10 seconds on top of that did the trick.

Good Food Made Simple Egg White Patties

Since our goal was to eat an egg white sandwich rather than egg whites, we wanted to melt some Swiss cheese over one of our patties. The instructions say to add the cheese for the last 10 seconds of cook time, but we decided to ignore those instructions and leave the cheese on the whole time. Our cheese was thoroughly melted by the time the patty was done, but everything turned out all right.

This is really a pretty basic egg white patty. It’s lightly seasoned with sea salt and pepper, but the seasoning isn’t that strong. If you want to coat your patty in sriracha or add a gooey helping of cream cheese, you can absolutely do that. We definitely recommend putting the patty in a sandwich of some sort if you can. We used English muffins for our sandwich, but a bagel would work as well.

Good Food Made Simple Egg White Patties

No one wants to eat a sandwich with a patty that’s falling apart, and luckily, that wasn’t a problem here. Both of our patties held together perfectly while we were eating, and it was easy to stack both patties on top of each other for that double-egg goodness. There are 5 patties per container, so a single bag will allow you to make quite a few sandwiches, even if you double up!

If you happen to be a Jeff Rosenstock fan, or if you’re thinking about egg whites for other reasons, we absolutely suggest Good Food Made Simple Egg White Patties. Microwaving these patties is a breeze, and the patties themselves have lots of potential. Instead of going out for your breakfast sandwiches, you can reach into the freezer and make the eggy sandwich of your dreams.

To learn more about the microwave instructions, ingredients, or nutrition facts for these frozen egg whites, check out our package scans below.

Good Food Made Simple Egg White Patties
Good Food Made Simple Egg White Patties
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