Lean Cuisine Comfort Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza Review

Lean Cuisine Comfort Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza

Lean Cuisine has been shuffling items around in their frozen food lineup lately, so we’ve been revisiting many of the things we’ve reviewed in the past. In some cases, Lean Cuisine uses this rebranding effort as an opportunity to tweak some of their recipes and uncover the hidden potential of meals that didn’t quite meet the expectations of consumers (or of reviewers like ourselves).

Today, we’re happy to return to the Lean Cuisine Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza, which was once part of the Craveables line and has now been moved to the Comfort line. We wrote a review for this frozen pizza in the past, and you can read the whole thing here. If you don’t want to go back through old Freezer Meal Frenzy contant, we’ll summarize that review with this quote: “Lean Cuisine’s Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza won’t knock your socks off, but it makes a pretty decent lunch.”

With this particular pizza, not much has changed since then, though it does look like Lean Cuisine might have modified the cheese just a tad. (At least according to the ingredients list on the box — we didn’t really notice the difference when we tasted it.)

Just like before, this comes with a handy crisping tray and a foldable box to support the tray. Plop the pizza on the tray and give it about two minutes and 45 seconds in the microwave. This is no trouble at all to heat up, and if you’re at a workplace that suffers from lunchtime microwave congestion, this short cook time will make you a hero among your coworkers.

Lean Cuisine Comfort Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza

Now, if you compare the image above with our image of the previous version of the pizza, you’ll notice something curious: the new version seems pretty light on meat content. While part of that is because the cheese is on top of the meat this time instead of underneath it, we can’t deny that these meat portions are a bit more stingy than they were last time.

We also found the crust to be a bit drier than last time. When we reviewed this previously, we thought the crust had a lovely consistency. This time we weren’t quite as sold on it.

Just like the previous version of this pizza, this one has 420 calories. It’s a little bit higher in sodium this time, however, with 710 mg compared to 680 mg.

Now, don’t get us wrong, this is still a great-tasting pizza. It just seemed to have picked up a couple new flaws during the revision process. The Lean Cuisine Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza is still a classic frozen pizza that makes a good lunch. Not a lot has changed since we last reviewed this, and we’re happy to report that we still find this to be a pretty tasty, though not perfect, entry in the Lean Cuisine frozen food lineup.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Lean Cuisine frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Lean Cuisine Comfort Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza
Lean Cuisine Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza
Lean Cuisine Comfort Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza
Lean Cuisine Comfort Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza
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