Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Skillet Review

Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Skillet

Frontera is one of those frozen food brands that we’re almost always satisfied by. We’ve tried a pretty sizeable chunk of their food offering, and we still haven’t found anything we thought was bad. In fact, our only complaint about this line is that we wish there were more items in it!

Frontera’s main offerings are split into two major groups, the bowls and the skillets (they also make salsa, but we’re just talking about their frozen food right now). What we’ve found in our review process is that the skillets are often quite different from their bowl counterparts. For example, the Veggie Taco Bowl isn’t just a smaller portion of the Veggie Taco Skillet — the two meals are quite different.

So today we’re excited to be trying the Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Skillet, which we expect to be similar to the Chicken Verde Taco Bowl, though not exactly the same.

A major difference between these two meals is cooking method. While the bowls can be heated in the microwave, the skillets requires, well, a skillet. That means it’s a little more work, but the portion size is also larger. (You can see the full cooking instructions at the bottom of this article.)

Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Skillet

Like pretty much all of the Frontera meals we’ve tried, this is delicious. The crown jewel of this skillet meal is the verde sauce. It’s loaded with citrusy flavor that permeates every last bite of this meal. The bag rates it at a medium spice level, but it’s really pretty mild. It might clear out your sinuses a little, but there’s no burn in your mouth or throat — we’d maybe concede that there’s a slight tingle.

The sauce comes atop a mix of high-quality ingredients. The chicken, for example, is great. It’s a white-meat chicken that has a wonderful texture, and it holds its shape in the bowl and falls apart in your mouth. We’d say that’s the perfect consistency for chicken in a dish like this. Oh, and the chicken absorbs the sauce so it tastes incredible.

Aside from the chicken, you’ve got a classic fajita mix of onions, yellow bell peppers, and poblano peppers. The bell peppers are very soft, while the poblano peppers have just a tiny little bit of crunch to them. And, like the chicken, all the veggies are drenched in verde sauce.

This is pretty different from the Chicken Verde Taco Bowl, in that it does not contain the green beans, chayote squash, or grain blend of the bowl. While you could definitely serve this over rice and add some more veggies, we actually really like it just how it is.

This meal is advertised as a double-portion, but we think a hungry person will easily scarf down the whole thing in a sitting. (The image a few paragraphs earlier in this article shows what a full bag looks like in a serving dish.) That means the calorie count is 370 rather than 180, but even that isn’t all that bad for such a scrumptious meal. The sodium is out of hand, though, at 950 mg for a serving and 1,900 mg for the full bag. Yikes.

The Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Skillet is another winner from the folks at Frontera. While Frontera meals no longer sport the name of chef Rick Bayless, they still live up to the same incredibly high standard.

To learn more about the cooking instructions, ingredients, or nutrition info for this frozen Frontera skillet meal, check out our package scans below.

Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Skillet
Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Skillet
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