Luvo So Cal Kale & Bean Power Bowl Review

Luvo So Cal Kale & Bean Power Bowl

Foods that are quick and easy aren’t always healthy. Frozen meals tend to be loaded with sodium, and they’re frequently stuffed with preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients too. Thankfully, the Luvo So Cal Kale & Bean Power Bowl is healthy, vegan, and microwave-ready.

It takes between four and five minutes to heat this power bowl in the microwave, but the process isn’t anything complex. Just toss it in and forget about it for a few minutes. Once it’s out of the microwave, you’ll need to give it a good stir to make sure that everything is slathered in sauce. After it sits for about a minute, it should be cool enough to eat.

Some of the power bowls we’ve sampled are excruciatingly bland, as though the focus on healthy ingredients got in the way of any real flavor. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with this bowl. Everything is coated in a tasty, slightly spicy sauce that could make even the most boring veggies delicious. It’s a unique blend of flavors, including rice vinegar, chili peppers, and orange juice concentrate, and the combination is terrific.

Luvo So Cal Kale & Bean Power Bowl

Because the sauce is so good, it’s easy not to focus on the quality of the ingredients in this dish. The veggies here aren’t anything amazing; the broccoli definitely tastes like it came out of a microwave. However, the kale isn’t chewy or slimy, and the blend of rice, beans, and mushrooms gives this some nice texture. It’s loaded with protein, so it feels pretty filling, but the meal still feels pretty light. It’s only 300 calories, which means it’s also very diet-friendly.

Great vegan frozen meals aren’t always easy to find, but Luvo So Cal Kale & Bean Power Bowl is a terrific plant-based option. It’s highly nutritious, but it also tastes fantastic, which means you aren’t making any major sacrifices when you dig into this bowl. Whether you’re a devout vegan or simply someone that’s trying to cut back on their meat intake, this meal is worth a try.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Luvo power bowl, check out our package scans below.

Luvo So Cal Kale & Bean Power Bowl
Luvo So Cal Kale & Bean Power Bowl
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