Archer Farms Peach & Balsamic Thin Crust Pizza Review

Archer Farms Peach & Balsamic Thin Crust Pizza

We’re pretty much never not in the mood for frozen pizza here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, so we’ll take pretty much any chance we can get to review the stuff. Today is no exception, as we’re checking out the Archer Farms Peach & Balsamic Thin Crust Pizza.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Archer Farms is a Target-exclusive brand. They dabble in all sorts of different foods, but it’s their frozen food that we’re primarily interested in (with a few exceptions).

This pizza comes with a balsamic vinegar glaze, which must be applied after the pizza is done cooking. It comes in a little packet that can be set aside while the rest of the pie is cooking. (You can read the full cooking instructions by viewing our package scans at the bottom of this article).

Archer Farms Peach & Balsamic Thin Crust Pizza

The balsamic vinaigrette looks picture-perfect on the box, but our application was slightly sloppier. We simply snipped off a corner and drizzled the glaze onto the pizza, which made it a little tricky to spread it around evenly. Sometimes we had the perfect thin drizzle, but other times, it all slopped out at once. Thankfully, this pizza is delicious even if it doesn’t look Instagram-ready.

Archer Farms Peach & Balsamic Thin Crust Pizza

The five-cheese blend contains a good variety of cheeses, from staples like mozzarella to a nutty asiago — from the ultra-creamy ricotta and rennet to sprinkles of parmesan. The cheese blends beautifully with the honey and peaches, but it’s the mascarpone sauce that really takes the dish to the next level. The incredibly rich white sauce gives the pizza an amazing gourmet flavor.

With all these creamy cheeses and sweet toppings, it would be easy for this pizza to feel overly decadent. Thankfully, both the vinaigrette glaze and thin crispy case keep the pizza from feeling like too much. The acidity of the glaze cuts into the creaminess of the pizza, and the light crust means that every slice feels fairly light. (Fair warning: not all of our staffers loved the glaze. If you’re not a fan of vinaigrette, you may want to skip it.)

The box considers 1/3 of a pizza to be a serving size. We’d argue that half a pizza is probably closer to what you can expect to eat, but you can manage the whole thirds thing if you’re careful. We did split this pizza between three staffers, but we cut it into bar-style squares, which made it a little tricky to figure out how much pizza each person ate.

Archer Farms Peach & Balsamic Thin Crust Pizza

If you follow the box’s recommendation and eat 1/3 of the pizza, you’ll end up consuming 260 calories and 490 mg of sodium. A whole pizza contains 790 calories and 1,470 mg of sodium, which means that half a pie will run you 355 calories and 735 mg of sodium. All things considered, that’s really not all that bad.

The Archer Farms Peach & Balsamic Thin Crust Pizza is a really unusual frozen pizza that’s bursting with flavor. While this fruity pizza isn’t for everyone, we think it’s a delicious treat. Whether you serve it for an appetizer or make it a meal, this pizza definitely stands apart from the other options in your freezer aisle.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instruction for this Archer Farms frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Archer Farms Peach & Balsamic Thin Crust Pizza
Archer Farms Peach & Balsamic Thin Crust Pizza
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