Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl Review

Jimmy Dean's Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl

If you’re familiar with the Jimmy Dean brand, you probably know them as a maker of frozen breakfast sandwiches. But did you know they also do non-sandwich breakfast items? When we stumbled upon the Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl at our local grocery store, we were instantly curious.

This looks a little bit like a bowl version of the Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Cheese English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches, which we thought would have been much better without the low-quality english muffin. Since this bowl contains no english muffin, it seems like the perfect way to enjoy that yummy turkey sausage without dealing with rubbery english muffins.

This bowl heats up quickly, requiring just three short minutes in the microwave. This is a quality we tend to appreciate in a frozen breakfast, as we have little patience before we’ve had our first cup of coffee. Fast breakfasts allow us to eat right away in the morning without having to crab our way around the kitchen for 20 minutes.

Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl

The first thing we noticed when we pulled this out of the microwave was how watery it is. There was a whole layer of water at the bottom of the bowl when it was done heating. We tilted the bowl and zoomed in so we could get the image below to show exactly what we’re talking about.

Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl

Now, you can drain the bowl to get the water out, but this is a little tricky to do without spilling out the contents of the bowl. We used a fork to hold in the ingredients, and we still ended up with chunks of egg in our sink after unsuccessfully trying to drain the water.

But this is really our only complaint about this meal. The turkey sausage tastes really good, though some pieces end up a little bit rubbery. There’s a hint of sweetness to them that makes them delightful to eat.

The egg whites have a peppered flavor that prevents them from being the flavorless globs you think of when you hear the term egg whites. We’re not sure where this flavor comes from, since we scanned the ingredients and saw no mention of pepper anywhere. Perhaps this is just seasoning from the sausage that has made its way into the egg content.

And then there are the potatoes. These potatoes are really, really good — they have a flavor that’s closer to fried potato wedges than the usual plain potato chunks we’re used to. Part of that might be that peppery flavor, but also these potatoes are fried with the skin still on. It’s a great choice here.

The whole thing is glued together with shredded cheddar cheese. There’s not enough to really taste it, but it adds a nice, stretchy consistency that makes the whole dish a pleasure to eat.

This breakfast bowl has 240 calories (100 from fat) and 630 mg of sodium, making this a pretty diet-friendly option. It also gets your day started with 18 g of protein, which is good.

The Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl is a great way to start the day if you don’t mind how watery it is. It’s quick, it tastes great, and it has very few calories. If you are clever enough to solve the water problem, you could really end up with a fantastic breakfast dish.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instruction for this Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl, check out our package scans below.

Jimmy Dean's Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl
Jimmy Dean's Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl
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