Stouffer’s Large Family Size Baked Ziti Review

Stouffer's Large Family Size Baked Ziti

Sometimes, you need more than just a single serving of food. Perhaps you are entertaining multiple guests, or maybe you just like to make a big batch and portion out the leftovers across a few days. Either way, Stouffer’s has you covered with their Large Family Size frozen meals.

Today, we’re checking out the Stouffer’s Large Family Size Baked Ziti, which claims to be about six servings’ worth of pasta. Stouffer’s doesn’t have a single-serve version of this dish (at least, we haven’t been able to find one), so this will be our first time trying a Stouffer’s brand ziti. This is a huge batch of food, and we’re quite excited to dig into it, so let’s get started.

Of course, you must cook this first, and it’s going to take some time. There are no full microwave instructions on the box (the micro-bake option lets you start off with the microwave and then finish it in the oven), so you’ll be using an oven either way. And it’s going to take some time. Micro-bake will take 35 minutes, while the full-on oven method will take 80. (If you want to see the full baking instructions, check out our package scans at the bottom of this article.)

We went with the longer method here, because it actually seemed easier despite taking longer. Plus, this meal is too big to stuff into our microwave.

Stouffer's Large Family Size Baked Ziti

The first thing we said when we pulled this out of the oven was, “This ziti needs more cheese.” And that’s true. While there’s a nice layer of mozzarella cheese on the very top, it’s not enough to even cover the surface of the ziti. We love cheese, so more of it would have been great.

Despite the cheese portion size, this is actually a pretty tasty dish. The sauce is nice and thick — no wimpy, runny, soupy stuff here. It tastes pretty good, though perhaps just a little bland. If Stouffer’s really wanted to knock our saucy little socks off, they could have gone with something with either some mild sweetness or some spiciness to it. Still, this is not a bad-tasting sauce.

This is loaded up with ground beef, so your vegetarian friends need not apply. The beef doesn’t really add a whole lot, actually, but it will please carnivores. It tastes fine, and it has a nice consistency.

Stouffer's Large Family Size Baked Ziti

If you stick with a single portion, which is about a cup (the recommended serving size is shown in the image above), you’ll only be consuming 280 calories. That’s not bad at all. However, the sodium is a little high, at 820 mg, and both of these numbers will obviously increase as you add more food.

The Stouffer’s Large Family Size Baked Ziti is enough food to feed several people, and it tastes great too. If you want to make enough ziti to serve four to six people, this humongous meal is up to the task.

To learn more about the cooking instructions, ingredients, or nutritional content for this frozen ziti, check out our package scans below.

Stouffer's Large Family Size Baked Ziti
Stouffer's Large Family Size Baked Ziti
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5 months ago

OK it is 3 lbs. I cut it into thirds hoping to make 3 meals. Any suggestions for cooking instructions that way. Cooking via microwave. The total time seems lengthy for 1/3 of a portion and risks overcooking/burning the meal. I would be surprised if others did not do something simialr.

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