Archer Farms Honey Barbecue Wings Review

Archer Farms Honey Barbecue Wings

Whether you prefer boneless or bone-in, wings are a bar-food staple. While we don’t want to stoke the flames of the boned-vs.-boneless debate, it’s hard to deny that there’s something inherently satisfying about grabbing a wing with sticky fingers and gnawing the meat right off the bone.

With Archer Farms Honey Barbecue Wings, you can partake in that sort of primal feast without even leaving your home. Today, we’re going to dig into these frozen BBQ wings to see how they stack up against the ones we’d find at our local pub.

While you can certainly cook these in the microwave if you want to (instructions for doing so are printed on the package), we really believe wings deserve better than that. Since several chickens had to die in order to make this sticky-fingered snack food, you should show these tasty creatures the respect they deserve by using a proper oven. That means these will take more than a half hour to prepare, of course. (You can read the full cooking instructions on the bottom of this article.)

Once we got these nibblers heated up, we found ourselves quite impressed with how tender the meat is. You can practically slurp the meat right off the bone. The chicken tastes great, with a slightly smoky grilled flavor that we really enjoy.

Archer Farms Honey Barbecue Wings

The sauce has a very sweet, brown sugary flavor to it, which is also quite good, but there’s a little bit of a strange aftertaste that lingers after each bite. It’s hard to pin down exactly what that aftertaste is, because it’s very subtle, but it’s there and it’s mildly unpleasant. Now, this afterataste shouldn’t steer you away from these, as it’s pretty tame, but we do want to point out that it’s there in case you’re thinking of sampling these for yourselves.

The package claims a serving is about 3 oz., and since you probably won’t be weighing these before you eat them, we’ll just say that this is 1/5 of a bag. Our bag had 13 wings in it, so we’d say a serving would be somewhere between two and three wings.

Now, we don’t necessarily think you’ll eat a whole bag in a sitting, but most people could easily eat more than 1/5 a bag — for reference, we split our bag between two staffers. If you stick with the recommended serving size, you’ll only be consuming about 170 calories (100 from fat) and 390 mg of sodium. We have a feeling you’ll be eating twice that much, though, so that would be more like 340 calories (200 from fat) and 780 mg of sodium. Keep that in mind when going back for seconds.

The Archer Farms Honey Barbecue Wings aren’t quite up to the standards of an upscale pub, but they beat dive-bar wings any day of the week. The next time you have a craving for a hot plate of wings, stop by your nearest Target and pick up a bag of these.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these frozen BBQ wings, check out our package scans below.

Archer Farms Honey Barbecue Wings
Archer Farms Honey Barbecue Wings
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