Archer Farms Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons Review

Archer Farms Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons

The Freezer Meal Frenzy staff loves us some jalapeño peppers, and we’re always happy to stuff our faces with cream cheese wontons. Why wouldn’t we want to combine the two? The Archer Farms Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons seemed like a near-perfect frozen appetizer, so we decided to pick some up for today’s frozen food review.

As promised on the box, these wontons come with a package of sweet chili sauce. Because the package is so small, the sauce isn’t difficult to thaw. All we really did was give it a quick rinse under some hot water as our food was cooking. Just be careful when you slice the packet open; the sauce spills out pretty quickly.

Archer Farms Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons

While these wontons need to be baked in the oven instead of quickly nuked in the microwave, they aren’t difficult to cook. It took our batch just under 15 minutes to get them nice and crispy, and we didn’t have to touch them at all as they were baking. The cream cheese spilled all over the baking sheet, however, so we’d definitely recommend laying down some parchment paper or aluminum foil before heating these goodies up.

There are 10 wontons here, and they’re not huge. According to Archer Farms, there are two servings per package, and that seems about right to us. If you’re looking for a snack, and you split this box with someone else, you’ll be satisfied, but if you’re hoping to feed a room full of people, these treats aren’t going to work for you.

Even though these wontons aren’t the perfect party appetizer, they’re definitely tasty. The wonton wrappers have the perfect level of crispiness to them. They’re a little messy, sure, but it still feels great to bite into one of these treats and let your mouth get hit with a burst of cream cheese flavor!

Archer Farms Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons

If you’re worried about spiciness, you should know that these snacks are pretty mild. You can taste the jalapeños, but these wontons are mostly stuffed with cream cheese. The sweet chili sauce has a hint of kick to it, and it will definitely heat things up a smidge if you’re looking for spice, but it won’t make anyone sweat if they’re accustomed to spicy foods.

As long as you’re wary of the portion sizes, Archer Farms Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons are a delicious treat. Sure, we would have appreciated a few more jalapeños, but these goodies are delicious as is. These wontons are tasty on their own, but they’re even better with the sweet chili sauce. They may not be the appetizer of our dreams, but they’re really good, and that’s what matters.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these Archer Farms frozen wontons, check out our package scans below.

Archer Farms Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons
Archer Farms Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons
Archer Farms Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons
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