Boomerang’s Chicken Classic Pie Review

Boomerang's Chicken Classic Pie

Here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, we don’t really stir up trouble all that often. Reviewing frozen foods relies quite a bit on personal preference and regional sensibilities, so we try to be upfront about how we feel about everything we review. Yet whenever an opinion gets published, there are bound to be folks who disagree. That’s inevitable. We hope that when we write something our readers disagree with, they’ll be willing to acknowledge the difference in opinion and move on with their day.

However, every so often we have an opinion that’s so unpopular that people get furious and rush to their keyboards to let us know how wrong they think we are. The most controversial review we ever wrote was for the Boomerang’s Steak & Potato Pie. We really liked that meal, but apparently our love for this Australian-inspired pot pie ruffled some feathers.

So we’re tempted to be a little bit cautious with today’s review. See, we’re making a long-overdue return to the Boomerang’s brand to check out the Boomerang’s Chicken Classic Pie.

First off, this pot pie is super easy to cook. We certainly hope we don’t upset any Sensitive Stevens by saying this, but come one, you don’t even have to take it out of the box to microwave it! How simple is that? (You can also cook it in the oven if you’d like, but we just used the absurdly easy microwave method.) After just three and a half short minutes, out pops a pot pie that just wants to go about its business without hurting anyone’s feelings. It’s a pretty harmless-looking piece of food, if you ask us.

Boomerang's Chicken Classic Pie

As you can see in the image above, the top of the crust is nice and flakey. We really like the crust Boomerang’s uses for their pot pies, and this little guy is no exception. The crust has a delectable flavor and a great consistency. Of course, the very outer edges can be a bit tough, wso it isn’t quite perfect (we’re sure that pointing out this fact will make those Boomerang’s haters leap with joy).

The filling is pretty great too. The chicken is a little bit bland on its own, but it comes soaked in a gravy that is quite tasty and has a little bit of a peppery aftertaste. There are also carrots and peas inside, and while they’re certainly not the main attraction of this dish, both taste pretty fresh considering they reside inside a reheated-from-frozen pot pie.

Boomerang's Chicken Classic Pie

The calorie count here is pretty reasonable compared to some of Boomerang’s other options. At 330 calories (90 from fat), this isn’t quite a diet food, but it’s certainly not a calorie monster. The sodium is a tad high, though, at 730 mg, though this is pretty close to the average for a frozen meal. Of course, this isn’t super filling, so plan your side dishes accordingly.

The Boomerang’s Chicken Classic Pie is one of the better chicken pot pies on the market. While we know some of our readers are getting ready to pound out some long-winded rants, this is truly how we feel about this particular frozen food. We hope you can forgive us.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Boomerang’s pot pie, check out our package scans below.

Boomerang's Chicken Classic Pie
Boomerang's Chicken Classic Pie
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7 months ago

I had the classic chicken. Very little filling, nothing like the pic on box. Mostly bland crust. Will not buy again, sorry.

Y. Luloff
Y. Luloff
4 months ago

Would not recommend! Crust tough, very little filling.

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