Devour The Three Way Pepp Pizza Review

Devour The Three Way Pepp Pizza

If you’ve been reading Freezer Meal Frenzy for a while now, you probably know that we’re suckers for Devour frozen foods. Some of our favorite meals were created by Devour, and very few items from their extensive menu have ever disappointed us (though you might want to avoid their dry mac and cheese). So of course we were excited to learn that Devour created a line of frozen pizzas, which contain an enigmatic blessing from the UFC stamped right on the box.

Today we’re checking out the Devour The Three Way Pepp Pizza. Now, this isn’t our first Devour frozen pizza — we reviewed the popular Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza a while back — but this is our first time reviewing a full-size pizza from Devour.

Unlike the previous Devour pizza we reviewed, this one must be heated in the oven; there are no microwave instructions here. Still, this is pretty easy to cook — you won’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. (You can see the full cooking instructions at the bottom of this review.)

Devour The Three Way Pepp Pizza

The first thing you’ll probably notice about this pizza is that it’s absolutely loaded with pepperoni. Devour wasn’t kidding around when they labeled this the “Three Way Pepp.” See, there are three types of pepperoni here. There are your standard round pieces, then there are round pieces cut into quarters, and to top it all off, there are tiny little pepperoni cubes. This is definitely designed for pepperoni fanatics.

The various shapes do affect the consistency of each bite. The quartered pieces will get a lot crispier than the cubes, which stay pretty soft. Also, this pepperoni is really salty, which isn’t a bad thing here. It really makes the pepperoni stand out.

The crust is a bit thicker than we expected, and it has a subtle fresh-baked-bread flavor to it, which really complements the rest of the pizza. The cheese and sauce are both a little sparse — we would have loved to see more of both — but we imagine this was done to bring the pepperoni to the foreground. And really, this pizza is all about the pepperoni.

Devour The Three Way Pepp Pizza

The box claims there are five servings here, but that seems so weird to us. This octagon-shaped pizza was clearly designed to be cut into eight pieces. A better serving size would have been 1/4 of the pizza, since that would make the math easy. There’s no real way to cleanly cut this into five (or ten, or fifteen) pieces, so the serving size is weird.

If you somehow figure out how to eat just 1/5 of this pizza, you’ll be taking in 380 calories (150 from fat) and 890 mg of sodium. That’s already quite a bit, but if you end up eating half a pizza (which we think is very likely), that becomes 950 calories (375 from fat) and 2,225 mg of sodium. Woah, this pizza really packs on the sodium!

Now, Devour meals tend to be high in calories as a general rule, but this pizza might be pushing the limit a bit. Definitely don’t eat this if you aren’t prepared to ingest a whole bunch of calories and an absurd amount of sodium. While this pizza has a UFC sponsorship, we doubt UFC fighters partake in this sort of calorie-loaded madness all that often.

Devour’s Three Way Pepp Pizza was definitely created for fans of intense pepperoni pizza. If you’re just craving the stuff, this will satisfy you, but if you prefer a subtler pepperoni, then this pizza might be a little much for you. All things considered, we think there’s a whole lot here to be excited about.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Devour frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Devour The Three Way Pepp Pizza
Devour The Three Way Pepp Pizza
Devour The Three Way Pepp Pizza
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