Archer Farms Chicken Breast Nuggets Review

Archer Farms Chicken Breast Nuggets

The entire staff here at Freezer Meal Frenzy is enthusiastic about chicken nuggets. So much so, in fact, that even our vegetarian staffers partake in this most delicious of mealtime traditions, though they manage to find meatless versions rather than the classic chicken nugget. So today we are quite enthusiastic about the opportunity to check out yet another type of nugget, the Archer Farms Chicken Breast Nuggets.

The Archer Farms brand, in case you’re unfamiliar with it, is one of Target’s proprietary brands. They have a pretty sizeable offering of frozen food (as well as some non-frozen items that we’ve checked out), though you’ll have to go to Target to purchase any of it.

These nuggets can be baked in the oven, which is the preferred cooking method, or they can be heated in the microwave. The packaging gives microwave instructions, but it warns that microwaved nuggets will be less crispy than their oven-baked counterparts. We wanted the full nugget experience, so we went with the oven for this review.

Archer Farms Chicken Breast Nuggets

These really aren’t anything fancy; they’re just your standard white-meat nuggets. The chicken is satisfyingly juicy, but it doesn’t have a ton of flavor, while the breading is crispy with a bit of a gritty texture to it. In fact, eating these on their own is a little bit boring.

However, if you add a good sauce, you can really take these nuggets to the next level. We tried them with ranch and barbecue sauce, and both were good options. We could also imagine these tasting pretty good with honey mustard.

The packaging considers four nuggets to be a serving size. One serving contains 220 calories and 320 mg of sodium, so that’s approximately 55 calories and 80 mg of sodium per nugget. If you can keep your nugget consumption to a half dozen or fewer, than you’re really not consuming a ton of calories. Keep in mind, however, that these estimates do not factor in any sort of sauce.

The Archer Farms Chicken Breast Nuggets don’t rewrite the book on chicken nuggets, but they’re perfectly competent as a snack food. They are, of course, greatly improved by the addition of a good sauce, so you might want to make sure you’ve got some dipping sauce in the fridge if you’re planning to pick up some of these.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these frozen chicken nuggets, check out our package scans below.

Archer Farms Chicken Breast Nuggets
Archer Farms Chicken Breast Nuggets
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