Fresh Thyme Organic Mac & Cheese with 3 Cheese Sauce Review

Fresh Thyme Organic Mac & Cheese with 3 Cheese Sauce

Mac and cheese will always be one of our favorite dishes. Sure, it’s just pasta in a cheese sauce, but there’s something so satisfying about digging into a hot, cheesy bowl. We love more exotic takes on mac and cheese, but we also love simpler dishes, like the Fresh Thyme Organic Mac & Cheese with 3 Cheese Sauce.

Fresh Thyme is a midwestern grocery store chain that’s all about healthy natural foods. While the supermarket is a terrific place to pick up fresh produce, it also has a huge selection of frozen dishes. If you have a Fresh Thyme in your area, we highly recommend giving their frozen foods a try!

Because we were pretty hungry, we opted to nuke this in the microwave rather than bake it in the oven. We poked a few holes in the packaging to vent it while it cooked, but to our surprise, the instructions didn’t say anything about venting. We popped it in the microwave for two three minute segments without any sort of stirring or venting. The box looked slightly destroyed by the time our dish finished cooking, but it still survived the microwaving process.

Fresh Thyme Organic Mac & Cheese with 3 Cheese Sauce

As you can see in the picture above, our sauce wasn’t evenly distributed throughout the dish. This means that some of our macaroni noodles were a little on the dry side, even after we gave our pasta a good stir. We didn’t necessarily mind the slightly crunchy texture, but if you’d find this off-putting, we recommend ignoring the instructions and venting the dish before you cook.

Aside from these minor texture issues, the pasta was just fine. They’re a shorter, chunkier version of your classic macaroni noodles, and they soak up cheese sauce very nicely. As for the cheese sauce, it’s pretty basic, but still pretty tasty. The creamy three-cheese blend is a little better when it’s spiced up with some pepper, but it’s still delicious and satisfying even when eaten plain.

The Fresh Thyme Organic Mac & Cheese with 3 Cheese Sauce definitely isn’t a revolutionary dish, but mac and cheese doesn’t have to be avante garde. If you’re they type who craves a classic bowl of mac and cheese every now and again, we’d definitely recommend tossing one of these in your freezer.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen mac and cheese, check out our package scan below.

Fresh Thyme Organic Mac & Cheese with 3 Cheese Sauce
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