Trader Joe’s Mashed Sweet Potatoes Review

Trader Joe's Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a popular item during the holiday season, but they’re enjoyable pretty much any day of the year. The Trader Joe’s Mashed Sweet Potatoes offer a frozen version of this delicious holiday vegetable.

This is a simple bag of food. If you check out the ingredients list on the package, all that’s listed is “sweet potatoes.” That means there’s nothing fancy about these — not even a glaze or a little butter. These are the plain ol’ mashed-up sweet potatoes.

These sweet potatoes are also a cinch to cook. If you want to heat up the whole bag at once, like we did, simply heat up a saucepan, then toss the sweet potatoes in for about ten minutes, stirring all the while. You can microwave these if you’d like, and instructions are provide for doing so, but we thought these would turn out better on the stovetop. We did notice that these stick to the pan a bit, but aside from that, we had no trouble heating these up.

Trader Joe's Mashed Sweet Potatoes

These sweet potatoes end up with a dry, sticky consistency, which isn’t exactly ideal. They also don’t have a ton of flavor on their own. If you’re used to syrupy, super-sugary sweet potatoes, these might disappoint you.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a simple dish without any extras added. That makes these sweet potatoes a blank canvass for your wildest sweet potato-based cooking projects. We think these would definitely be improved with something to sweeten them up a little bit.

According to the bag, there are six servings inside, and each serving contains 80 calories. That means the full bag has 480 calories, in case you decide to make a full meal of these.

The Trader Joe’s Mashed Sweet Potatoes are a simple yet effective way to get some sweet potatoes on the table during the holidays. We’re told these are a seasonal item, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stock up and save a bag or two for spring!

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these frozen sweet potatoes, check out our package scans below.

Trader Joe's Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Trader Joe's Mashed Sweet Potatoes
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2 years ago

There is this french dish, aligot, and I am trying to see about a potato cheese combo for these sweet potatoes…What would work?

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