Archer Farms Spanakopita Review

Archer Farms Spanakopita

We’ve tried several frozen takes on spanakopita over the years. Trader Joe’s has a triangular version, which is delicious, as well as a pie-shaped version, which unfortunately doesn’t live up to the triangle stuff. Amy’s Kitchen even puts spanakopita inside a wrap!

Today we’re trying a Target-exclusive take on this Greek dish, the Archer Farms Greek-Inspired Spanakopita. This version comes in a triangular shape, similar to the better of the Trader Joe’s options. Does Archer Farms give Trader Joe’s a run for their spanakopita money? Let’s find out!

Archer Farms Spanakopita

First off, the box contains a very generous amount of spanakopita. There are 36 pieces inside, and those are divided into three trays of 12 pieces each. We cooked up a single tray for this review, and we ended up with a decent amount of food to share between two people. It’s not enough to make a meal of, but spanakopita is supposed to be an appetizer rather than an entrée, so it really doesn’t need to be a full meal.

You’ll need to bake these triangular treats in the oven. It’s not a difficult process, by any means, and it doesn’t take that much time, all things considered. (You can see the full cooking instructions by checking out the package scans at the bottom of this article.) By the time ours were out of the oven, they had burst open, spilling spinach and cheese all over the pan. Thankfully, we had lined our baking sheet with aluminum foil, so cleanup was no big deal.

Archer Farms Spanakopita

The phyllo dough crust ends up a bit crispy, so when you bite into one of these pieces, there will be a satisfying crunching sound. There’s not a ton of flavor to the shells, but that’s perfectly okay — the real star of the show is the filling.

Inside is plenty of spinach, mixed with a tasty blend of feta and ricotta cheese. It has a slightly creamy consistency and a flavor that is definitely not subtle. You’ll get a wallop of that leafy spinach flavor coupled with the bitter bite of the feta cheese. It’s a great flavor combo.

The box considers four pieces to be a serving, though our portion size ended up being six pieces (we cooked a tray of 12 and shared it between two people). If you stick with the box recommendation, you’ll be consuming 190 calories and 280 mg of sodium. That means that even our six-piece serving clocks in at under 300 calories. Not bad at all.

The Archer Farms Spanakopita is a delicious take on this Greek-inspired classic, and a box contains enough that you could serve this at a party. The next time you’re craving a spinach-and-cheese-filled pastry, stop by your local Target and pick up a box of these apps.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Archer Farms Spanakopita, check out our package scans below.

Archer Farms Spanakopita
Archer Farms Spanakopita
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