Bountiful Life American Scramble Review

Bountiful Life American Scramble

We’re not the type of folks who rush out to immediately purchase anything that has Oprah Winfrey’s name on it. We have no animosity toward the woman, we just don’t necessarily trust her judgment when it comes to frozen food.

That said, we’ve been sampling the Bountiful Life line of frozen breakfast foods, which has Oprah’s name stamped on the box and is allegedly inspired by her garden in Maui. That seems like an interesting enough premise, but it’s one that led to the Greens & Protein Pesto Scramble, which is fine if not a bit underwhelming, and the Chipotle Scramble, which has a decent sauce but is ultimately a letdown.

Today, we’re diving deeper into the line to check out the Bountiful Life American Scramble, which we’re hoping breaks the trend of disappointment.

This actually comes out of the microwave smelling pretty great. It has a lovely cheddary, salsa-y scent to it, which really gets the salivary glands working. That’s mostly due to the sauce, which is fantastic. It’s a tomato-based affair with some cheesiness and just a dab of honey, and it tastes really good.

Bountiful Life American Scramble

However, besides the sauce, the rest of the meal is pretty bland. The eggs, for example, are chalky and gravelly. If this is what Oprah things scrambled eggs are supposed to be like, then we have some concerns about the health of the chickens she’s raising on that Hawaiian farm of hers.

The turkey sausage is extremely rubbery. That was a problem with the Chipotle Scramble, and it’s a problem here as well. These are like little balls of rubber that are very difficult to chew. Now, the turkey sausage in frozen food tends to be a bit rubbery by default, but Bountiful Life takes that rubberiness to the extreme.

Aside from that, there are red and yellow peppers, which are just alright, as well as chunks of sweet potato, which should be amazing but are so sparse as to hardly be worth mentioning. And according to the package there are mushrooms in this dish, though we didn’t find any.

This is a diet-friendly breakfast, at only 210 calories and 530 mg of sodium. Of course, it’s also not very filling. You might need two of these to kill a breakfast-sized hunger.

Similar to the Chipotle Scramble, the Bountiful Life American Scramble uses a great sauce to cover up the mediocrity of the rest of the meal. With better ingredients, this could have been a winner. Unfortunately, it averages out to just kind of alright.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Bountiful Life frozen breakfast, check out our package scans below.

Bountiful Life American Scramble
Bountiful Life American Scramble
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