Trader Joe’s Soycutash Review

Trader Joe's Soycutash

We’ve seen Trader Joe’s Soycutash pop up on a lot of best-of lists, but for some reason, we’ve never gotten around to trying it. It’s not that we don’t enjoy edamame (or corn, for that matter); we could just never find the right time to dig into a big bowl of veggies. We’ve had a bag chilling in our freezer for a while now, and we finally decided it was time to heat it up.

We were a little surprised when we glanced at the cooking instructions for these veggies. To thaw them out, they either need to be tossed in a pot of boiling water or microwaved in water. We thought that boiling seemed like the easiest option, so that’s what we did! Trader Joe’s says that it should take 8 minutes, but our veggies were perfectly cooked in about 6.

Trader Joe's Soycutash

We weren’t quite sure about these veggies while they were cooking, but by the time we’d taken them off the stove and drained them, we could tell we were in for a treat. This might not really be captured in the photo above, but the colors in our bowl were bright and vibrant. We couldn’t resist munching on a few pieces of edamame before we even grabbed our camera!

Texture is one of the biggest issues we run into when we eat frozen vegetables. Some of the veggies we’ve tried are mushy and soggy, while others are hard and dried out. If you’ve been Goldilocksing your way through the frozen food aisle, you’ll find that these veggies are just right. They have a nice firmness to them, but on the inside, they’re perfectly soft.

This is also one of the healthier frozen veggie blends we’ve tried. Sure, corn is a starchy veggie, but edamame is essentially a superfood. It’s a terrific meatless source of protein, and it’s also a terrific source of antioxidants like vitamin C. If you’re looking for a nice side dish or a way to bulk out your favorite meal, these veggies are perfect.

Trader Joe’s Soycutash is a popular product for a reason! We took a while to jump on the Soycutash train, but now that we’re on board, we think this will be a freezer staple for us. If you can get past the weirdness of boiling your veggies, this is a terrific way to make any meal healthier.

To learn more about the cooking instructions for these Trader Joe’s frozen veggies, check out our package scans below.

Trader Joe's Soycutash
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