Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma (Curried Veggies with Dal) Review

Amy's Indian Vegetable Korma (Curried Veggies with Dal)

If we were ranking frozen food brands, Amy’s Kitchen would be near the top of our list. They have a huge variety of plant-based meals to choose from, and more often than not, their dishes our delicious. We’re always on the lookout for new Amy’s products, but we’re also happy to re-review their old dishes from time to time. So when we saw that Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma had a fresh new look, we prepared to write a fresh new review!

The last time we tried Amy’s Vegetable Korma, we weren’t totally blown away. We thought the texture of the rice seemed a little off, and we were disappointed that the meal wasn’t at all spicy. Because of this, we found ourselves hoping that Amy’s had made a few tweaks to the original recipe.

This is pretty close to Amy’s original take on veggie korma, but it does appear that the recipe has gone through a few minor adjustments. The new version contains 330 calories, while the old meal has 310 calories. The ingredient list appears to be the same, so we’re guessing that Amy’s simply changed the proportions of certain ingredients.

Amy's Indian Vegetable Korma (Curried Veggies with Dal)

If you’re hoping for a spicier dal, you’ll probably be disappointed; this is still a very mild dish. However, the basmati rice is significantly better than it was the last time around. There are no texture issues here! The rice tastes like it was freshly cooked, as do the other ingredients. This dish still didn’t knock our socks off, but the higher quality rice does a lot to improve the meal.

Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma (Curried Veggies with Dal) doesn’t really taste like an authentic spicy Indian meal. However, if you’re looking for a milder Indian dish, this is definitely worth picking up. It’s dairy and gluten-free, and it lives up to the high standards we have for Amy’s Kitchen.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Amy’s Kitchen curry dish, check out our package scan below.

Amy's Indian Vegetable Korma (Curried Veggies with Dal)
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