Devour Creamy Chicken Carbonara Grilled Cheese Review

Devour Creamy Chicken Carbonara Grilled Cheese

There’s nothing quite like a hot sandwich. When you combine a sizzling meat with a gooey cheese and slap it between two pieces of toasted bread, you’re usually in for a pretty good treat. We’ve actually been surprised to discover how many frozen food brands have put together microwavable sandwiches — everyone from Lean Cuisine to Jimmy Dean seems to have their own take.

So of course Devour, which specializes in higher-quality (and higher-calorie) frozen meals, wouldn’t be left out of the party. We’ve tried several of their frozen sandwiches in the past, and today we’re checking out the Devour Creamy Chicken Carbonara Grilled Cheese sandwich.

This sandwich is easy enough to heat in the microwave. Yes, we once winced at the idea of microwaving a sandwich, but crisping tray technology has made this concept a whole lot more palatable. Of course, this will still be a little soggier than an oven-cooked sandwich, but it will retain a decent amount of crispiness around the edges. (We’ve experimented with cooking Devour sandwiches in the toaster oven, though that didn’t quite produce that oven-baked freshness we were hoping for.)

Devour Creamy Chicken Carbonara Grilled Cheese

One trick we did figure out is that while you let your sandwich cool, you should flip it over once the top seems to have dried out a little bit. This prevents the bottom from staying too moist, though it’s going to be a little bit soggy no matter what you do. The bread here is pretty thick — and the filling is gooey — so it’s really hard to keep it dry.

And speaking of the filling, this stuff is absolutely heavenly. It’s made of white-meat chicken, bacon, and onion melted into a stretchy mozzarella cheese. All of these ingredients are high-quality, and they blend together really well.

Devour Creamy Chicken Carbonara Grilled Cheese

The real kicker, though, is the parmesan cream sauce — you can see a bit of it leaking out of the edge of the sandwich in the picture above. It’s stunningly delicious! It has a lovely creaminess (as the name suggests) and it’s loaded up with parmesan flavor. It’s a nice match for the garlic bread that it’s stuffed between — oh yeah, we forgot to mention that the bread here is slathered in garlic. It tastes great!

We wrote earlier that Devour tends to make items that are a bit high in calories, and that’s definitely no exception here. This sandwich contains 580 calories. If that’s not bad enough, it also has 1,050 mg of sodium. You certainly don’t want to make this a regular part of your diet.

The Devour Creamy Chicken Carbonara Grilled Cheese sandwich is a really good frozen sandwich, though it doesn’t quite escape the microwave sog factor. It’s also as loaded with calories as it is with flavor, which is going to be a problem for some people. Despite all this, it still might be the best-tasting frozen sandwich we’ve had yet.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this toasty hot sandwich, check out our package scans below.

Devour Creamy Chicken Carbonara Grilled Cheese
Devour Creamy Chicken Carbonara Grilled Cheese
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