DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli Review

DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli

DiGiorno is perhaps most famous for their frozen pizza (remember the “It’s not delivery it’s DiGiorno” ads?), but they occasionally make other pizza-related frozen foods too. Their artisan melts are pretty tasty, and they’ve also dabbled with a line of “pizza buns.”

Today we’re checking out something else from DiGiorno that isn’t a frozen pizza: the DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli.

This item comes two in a box, and each piece of stromboli (or “sandwich,” if you will) comes individually wrapped with its own crisping sleeve. This means it’s simple to only eat a single piece of stromboli at a time (which is the recommended serving size).

DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli

To cook one of these, simply remove the stromboli from its package, place it inside the crisping sleeve, and microwave for three minutes (these are the instructions for a 1,100-watt microwave, so you might end up needing a bit longer if you have a less-powerful model). Then let the thing cool for about two minutes before eating. You can also cook these in the oven, but we chose the microwave for the sake of convenience.

The instructions are printed on the box, and also on the crisping sleeve, but for some reason the sleeve omits the cook time part of that. So if you’re considering cracking open a box, eating one, then sticking the second piece of stromboli back in the freezer, you might want to consider hanging onto that box so you’ve got access to those cooking instructions. Of course, we’ve also scanned the box, and you can view those instructions at the bottom of this review in case you prematurely threw out your box.

We’ve spent more than enough time on the packaging and cooking instructions by this point. Let’s dig in!

First off, we should point out that the crisping tray seems to do its job pretty well. While these are definitely not crispy (true “crispfans” will want to heat these in the oven), they’re not soggy at all. The outer shell stays fairly dry.

DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli

As you can see in the image above, DiGiorno really delivers (pun intended?) when it comes to the meat portion. We can’t really say they’re “loaded up” with meat, as that would be a bit of an exaggeration, but the contents of the filling are heavily weighted toward the meat portion. There’s some red sauce and a dribble of cheese, but the innards here are mostly meat.

This three-meat blend is salami, pepperoni, and bacon. The salami really takes center stage, with the pepperoni backing it up and the bacon sort of lingering in the background.

This is not a meal for dieters. If you stick with just one piece, as is the recommendation, you’ll still be taking in 420 calories (160 from fat) and 800 mg of sodium. That’s already a whole lot, but if you decide to get really ambitious and eat the whole package in a sitting, you’re now up to over 800 calories. Yikes!

However, these are pretty filling, so unless you’re really, really hungry, we don’t think you’ll need to eat two in a sitting.

The DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli is definitely designed with meat lovers in mind — people who love salami will really be satisfied. They’re a bit light on sauce and cheese, but they make up for it with all that delicious salami.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this DiGiorno stromboli, check out our package scans below.

DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli
DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli
DiGiorno Three Meat Stromboli
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