Totino’s Pepperoni Mini Snack Bites (125 Rolls) Review

Totino's Pepperoni Mini Snack Bites

For many people who enjoy frozen foods, the Totino’s brand is synonymous with pizza rolls — they’ve been a staple of the pizza roll world for as long as we can remember. So it probably comes as surprise that we’re finally actually writing reviews for the brand now, several years into the life of Freezer Meal Frenzy. We assure you, this has been on our to-do list for a very long time.

But we’re not going to start with their traditional pizza rolls. No, we’re going to get a little bit weirder than that — today we’re checking out the Totino’s Pepperoni Mini Snack Bites. They’re like the pizza rolls you know and love, only smaller, and these one come in a box of 125 (we’re told they also come in smaller packages as well, but the big box was what we found at our local grocery store).

As you can see in the image below, each pizza snack is about half the size of a regular Totino’s pizza roll. Well, half isn’t exactly accurate, as the smaller size — once you account for all that crust — leaves a lot less room for the filling. We’d estimate it would take the filling in four of these to equal the amount that would be in an average pizza roll. Of course, these ones don’t have that huge empty cavern that you’ll sometimes find in the traditional rolls.

Totino's Pepperoni Mini Snack Bites

These are easy enough to cook. You can toss them in the microwave if you’d like, but we just stuck a whole heap of these guys into the oven. They take less than 15 minutes to cook that way. (If you want to see the full cooking instructions, check out our package scans at the bottom of this review.)

Now, with the reduced filling portion, these actually don’t get quite as soggy as their full-sized counterparts tend to. This leads to a slightly crispier treat with the flavor of the dough portion a bit more pronounced. If you like the taste of the doughy shells, then you might actually prefer these to the standard pizza rolls. In fact, our review staff was divided. One reviewer prefered these to the larger version, while another reviewer though the shells taste a little bit plasticy.

Obviously, the real draw here is the red sauce and pepperoni filling. We don’t think every single piece we tried contained pepperoni, though we didn’t break open every single one to be certain. There were a few, however, that we swear only had sauce and cheese inside.

Totino's Pepperoni Mini Snack Bites

According to the box, a serving size is about 17 snack bites. That might seem like a lot, but it’s actually a pretty small portion. The image above shows more than a single portion (it’s 19 rolls, if we’re counting right; feel free to double-check our math on that).

If you stick with one serving, you’ll only be consuming 210 calories and 390 mg of sodium. We do think you’ll probably eat twice that many. It’s really hard to stop once you’ve started. These little pizza buddies are delicious.

The Totino’s Pepperoni Mini Snack Bites are quite good. The verdict is out on whether these are better than the originals, as our staff just couldn’t come to an agreement on that. What we did agree on, however, is that these tiny little pizza rolls are adorable, and they taste great too.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these pizza bites, check out our package scans below.

Totino's Pepperoni Mini Snack Bites
Totino's Pepperoni Mini Snack Bites
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Matthew Janosco
Matthew Janosco
11 months ago

Mini pizza rolls taste to doughy

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