Jimmy Dean Steak & Eggs Breakfast Bowl Review

Jimmy Dean Steak & Eggs Breakfast Bowl

If you think of Jimmy Dean as nothing more than the maker of frozen breakfast sandwiches, you will probably be surprised to learn that their line is actually pretty extensive. They dabble in anything from your basic breakfast sausage links to more creative takes on breakfast, such as the biscuit roll-ups or the sausage on a stick. They even have a full line of breakfast scramble bowls.

It’s the breakfast bowls that we’re interested in today, as we’re digging into yet another one: the Jimmy Dean Steak & Eggs Breakfast Bowl.

This thing is incredibly easy to cook. Simply pop it into the microwave for two minutes, give it a quick stir, then put it back in for another minute. It’s fast and simple. (If you want to read the full instructions from the back of the box, check out the package scans at the bottom of this review.)

Now, this is actually a pretty basic breakfast. It’s a blend of scrambled eggs, steak, potatoes, and onions. There’s no special sauce or anything like that, just the essentials. (There is some cheddar cheese as well, but you’ll barely even notice that it’s there.)

Jimmy Dean Steak & Eggs Breakfast Bowl

Right away, we were surprised by how heavily this is weighted towards the onion portion. Usually, onions would be used minimally, just to enhance the flavor. Here, the onions are practically the main ingredient, at least as far as flavor is concerned. This whole thing smells of onion, and every bite is oniony.

The steak is pretty mediocre. While we did find a few chunks that were lovely, the majority were a bit dry and bland. The blandness means the steak ends up soaking up a lot of that onion flavor, leaving even the steak tasting like onions.

The other ingredients — the eggs and potatoes — are bland as well, which creates the same effect as the steak. Everything tastes like onions. Clearly, this dish goes overboard on onions to compensate for the blandness of everything else. If you’re really into onions, this dish will blow your mind. If not, you’ll probably be underwhelmed.

This frozen breakfast contains 300 calories (130 from fat) and 730 mg of sodium. The calories aren’t bad at all — this is almost a diet food — but the sodium is a bit high. 730 mg is pretty average for a frozen meal, but it’s actually still a lot compared to other types of food. If you eat a lot of frozen food (like we do), you should definitely keep an eye on your sodium intake.

The Jimmy Dean Steak & Eggs Breakfast Bowl is a bland dish that covers up its blandness with an overwhelming amount of onions. Onion lovers will be in hog heaven, but everyone else is likely to find the onion level here to be a bit much.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl, check out our package scans below.

Jimmy Dean Steak & Eggs Breakfast Bowl
Jimmy Dean Steak & Eggs Breakfast Bowl
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Henry lee
Henry lee
2 years ago

Mainly tasteless potatoes a few rotten pieces, a piece of onion, a teaspoon of tasteless scrambled eggs, a few pieces of tough tasteless beef. A terrible waste of money.. the CEO should be forced to eat a random bowl five times a week. He would definitely change the bowl. Do not buy

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