DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust Review

DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust

DiGiorno brand pizzas are one of the staples of our frozen food diet, and we’re quite certain we’re not alone in this. If we want a delicious pizza, yet we don’t want to order carry-out or delivery, DiGiorno is our go-to choice. While they’re not a gourmet pizza brand, their offerings are great-tasting and consistent. We’ve never picked up a DiGiorno pizza and wondered if it was going to be terrible — you’re guaranteed at least some level of quality with this line of frozen pies.

So we’re pretty happy to be checking out the DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust today. We’ve actually reviewed the personal-sized version of this pie in the past (and we’ve also checked out a stromboli that was also labelled as “three meat”). We probably don’t even have to cook this to tell you what it’s all about. However, we’d never pass over an opportunity to eat a DiGiorno frozen pizza (we’d also never review a product without eating it specifically for the review).

If you’ve ever cooked a frozen pizza before, you could probably make one of these in your sleep. Of course, if you’d like to read the full cooking instructions, you can check out the package scans at the bottom of this review.

As a DiGiorno frozen pizza, this has the usual stuff: the acidic-yet-sweet-tasting red sauce, the textured crust, and the pepperoni that gets a little crispy when it cooks. You know what to expect, and this pizza lives up to those expectations.

DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust

As you can see in the image above, this develops a pretty large pool of grease on top of it as it cooks. It’s an unappealing quality that’s not uncommon in the frozen pizza world, but you can always dab the top with a napkin to reduce the greasiness if you’d like.

The three meats referenced in the title are pepperoni and sausage, only the sausage is counted twice. To be fair, the first type of sausage is made with pork and chicken, while the other is simply referred to as “beef pizza topping.” The latter would be the smaller balls of meat you’ll find all over the top of this pizza, while the former would be the larger ones.

According to the box, this pizza contains two and a half feet of cheese. This is a bit strange, as cheese isn’t typically measured in feet. What they mean by this is that the entire outer crust, which would be two and a half feet long if it were unraveled, is filled with gooey, melty cheese. Stuffed crust is an improvement over regular hand-tossed crust in our books, and this pizza is no exception. The cheese-filled crust is a delight, though the marketing copy is goofy.

DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust

Like so many of the frozen pizzas that have come before it, this one considers 1/5 to be a serving. Despite the fact that no one cuts their pizza into fifths (or tenths), this seems to be a common way to divide a pizza when recording the nutritional content (we’ve also seen 1/3 and 1/6, and never 1/4, which we’d think would be the most reasonable way to divide a pizza). We don’t know who started this, and we absolutely hate it.

Now that we got that off our chest, one serving of this pizza contains 340 calories (180 from fat) and 840 mg of sodium. That means if you eat half a pizza (like a normal person), you’re going to be consuming 850 calories (450 from fat) and 2,100 mg of sodium. (A full pizza contains 1,700 calories and 4,200 mg of sodium, though we doubt anyone will eat the whole thing in one sitting.) This is no low-calorie meal, and it’s absolutely bonkers with sodium.

The DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust is everything you’d expect from a DiGiorno pizza, which means it’s quite good. Just be warned that it’s ridiculously high in calories and sodium, so you’ll probably want to save this for special occasions rather than make it part of your regular routine.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this DiGiorno frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust
DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust
DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust
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2 years ago

i love your digiorno rising crust pizzas with yummy mozzarella cheese sausage and pepperoni

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