Jimmy Dean Steak & Cheddar Simple Scramble Review

Jimmy Dean Steak & Cheddar Simple Scramble

If you mostly know Jimmy Dean as a maker of frozen breakfast sandwiches, you might be surprised to find out just how far their line extends. While they do specialize in breakfast foods, their offerings stretch far beyond the basic sammies you see in the freezers at your local grocery store. They also make breakfast meats, breakfast bowls, and many creative twists on familiar breakfast items.

Even though we’d reviewed many of these other items, we’re constantly finding new things that we didn’t even know Jimmy Dean was making. That’s certainly the case with the Jimmy Dean Steak & Cheddar Simple Scramble, which we’re reviewing today. This breakfast scramble cup would be a competitor to something like the Evol scramble cups.

When you open the package, you’ll find a small cup of pre-beaten eggs alongside a packet of steak crumbles and shredded cheddar cheese. The eggs are not pre-cooked; they’re in purely liquid form, so when you begin cooking this meal, you will pour them into the larger cup. After 50 seconds in the microwave, add the contents of the packet and then cook some more. It’s not a difficult cooking process, but it is an unusual one.

Jimmy Dean Steak & Cheddar Simple Scramble

Note that you’ll want to keep this one in the refrigerator insead of the freezer so that the eggs are pourable and not frozen. Also, after the cooking process listed on the package is complete, we dumped our eggs into a dish and heated them some more, which ensured the eggs were cooked thoroughly. (To see the full cooking instructions, check out our package scans at the bottom of this review.)

This is comparable to the Steak & Eggs Breakfast Bowl, also by Jimmy Dean, though it lacks potatoes, which means it’s a bit less filling than the bowl version.

We were actually a bit surprised by how fluffy the eggs end up being. They’re not light and fluffy — these actually have some density to them. The flavor is also quite good. In fact, these eggs are considerably better than the egg portion in the Steak & Eggs Breakfast Bowl. The cheddar cheese only improves the flavor of the eggs. This is a really tasty combo.

Jimmy Dean Steak & Cheddar Simple Scramble

The steak, however, isn’t amazing. It’s oddly dry and chewy, though the flavor is halfway decent. Most of the chunks are pretty small, though we did find a couple cubes that were decently sized. We would have loved some juicier steak here, but this stuff is just kind of okay.

The calorie count isn’t bad, at just 240 calories (130 from fat), but this is by no means a substantial meal. You might find yourself still hungry after you’ve finished, and that could send you back to the kitchen for more food. This also has 630 mg of sodium, which is more than we’d expect for a meal of this size.

The Jimmy Dean Steak & Cheddar Simple Scramble isn’t perfect, but it’s also a lot better than a lot of other frozen breakfast scrambles out there. In fact, with better steak, this would be an absolute knockout.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this breakfast cup, check out our package scans below.

Jimmy Dean Steak & Cheddar Simple Scramble
Jimmy Dean Steak & Cheddar Simple Scramble
Jimmy Dean Steak & Cheddar Simple Scramble
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