DiGiorno Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza Review

DiGiorno Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza

The classic choices of thin crust and thick crust are just the beginning, as far as pizza crust types go. On top of those options, there’s hand-tossed crust, pan-style crust, and perhaps our favorite, cheese-filled crust (or stuffed crust). We’ve even tried cauliflower crust. But one crust option we don’t think we’ve tried yet is croissant crust.

That changes today, since we picked up a DiGiorno Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza. For this particular review, we chose the most basic version of the pizza we could find so we could focus mostly on the crust.

Before we review this frozen pizza, though, we must cook it. Despite having an unusual style of crust, the cooking instructions are pretty standard. Preheat the oven, then pop in the pizza. It takes about 25 minutes to cook, but the process is certainly not difficult.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza

First off, we should point out that the cheese and sauce here are pretty much your standard DiGiorno toppings. The four cheeses are mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, and romano, but it’s the mozarella that does the most talking here. The sauce is a slightly acidic tomato paste with just a hint of sweetness to it.

The croissant crust is the real selling point here. While the package advertises it as “flakey & buttery,” we’d say that’s maybe a bit of an exaggeration. In fact, unless you’re eating the edges, we don’t think you’ll even notice that something different is going on with this crust. It’s not all that different from the standard DiGiorno rising crust (which is quite good, we should add).

DiGiorno Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza

If you do pull off an edge and eat it, you will notice that there is a slight hint of flakiness, though the crust is still pretty darn soft. It does peel away in layers if you pick at it. There’s a bit of buttery flavor to this crust as well, but it’s kind of hard to tell unless you’re really paying attention. We like the croissant crust here; we just don’t think it’s a huge departure from the norm like you might expect.

One completely ridiculous thing that frozen pizza manufacturers do consistently is divide their pizza up into strange fractions to create serving sizes. While a quarter or half of a pizza seems like a perfectly logical, mathematical choice for a serving size, too many pizzas use 1/3, 1/6, or even 1/5. But these companies have to realize this is absurd, right? Who cuts a pizza into fifths? Well, on the back of the box for this pizza, there’s an illustration of what this would look like…

DiGiorno Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza

And it’s completely ridiculous, right? Yet that’s the number DiGiorno decided to go with for this pizza. If you somehow create the abomination shown in the illustration above and manage to eat exactly 1/5 a pizza, you’ll be consuming 370 calories and 680 mg of sodium. That means a full pizza contains 1,850 calories and 3,400 mg of sodium, while a half pizza contains 925 calories and 1,700 mg of sodium. That maybe puts into perspective how healthy this pizza actually is — or isn’t.

The DiGiorno Croissant Crust Four Cheese Pizza is not all that much different from the hand-tossed version of this pizza. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not good. DiGiorno puts out quality pizzas, and this pie is no exception. Just don’t go into this one expecting it to revolutionize the pizza industry or anything.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this DiGiorno frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza
DiGiorno Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza
DiGiorno Four Cheese Croissant Crust Pizza
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