Trader Joe’s 8 Mini Croissants Review

Trader Joe's 8 Mini Croissants

The last time we tried Trader Joe’s 8 Mini Croissants, we described them as a warm, flaky treat. Naturally, when we saw that they’d been given fresh new packaging, we wanted to give them a second try. The new box is a lot more compact than the original bag was, which means it’s a lot easier to keep these in your freezer.

Last time we prepared these, we ran into a few problems during the cooking process. We lined our baking sheet with aluminum foil before we tossed these in the oven, and our croissants wound up sticking to the pan. On the new packaging, Trader Joe’s has suggested heating these for 24 to 28 minutes rather than the original 30. This left us with still-flaky pastries that were much easier to transfer to a plate.

Although the sizes aren’t completely uniform, we also found that there was less size variation this time around. These croissants look pretty nice, and we’d definitely be comfortable serving them to some guests. While pictures can only say so much, we can tell you that they taste just as good as they look. Trader Joe’s has nailed that buttery croissant flavor; these are great plain and taste absolutely delicious straight out of the oven.

Trader Joe's 8 Mini Croissants

It looks like Trader Joe’s has also made a few tweaks to their recipe. This is still a pretty basic croissant with minimal ingredients, but a single croissant is now 160 calories rather than the original 140. Thankfully, these pastries are pretty large for a “mini” croissant, and you should be able to enjoy them without over-indulging. We ate them plain, but they’d be delicious with berries or as a bun for a sandwich!

The Trader Joe’s 8 Mini Croissants have new and improved packaging, and TJ’s has also made some improvements to the pastries inside it. These are more consistent, easier to cook, and just as delicious. Even though there are 20 more calories per croissant, we’d say that the calorie increase is more than worth it.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these Trader Joe’s croissants, check out our package scans below.

Trader Joe's 8 Mini Croissants
Trader Joe's 8 Mini Croissants
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1 year ago

sorry I don’t agree these new croissants are dry and tasteless. The first version of croissants that Trader Joe’s had were light, flaky and delicious. So you had to proof them, just made for anticipation.

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