Amy’s Mushroom Risotto with Arborio Rice Review

Amy's Mushroom Risotto with Arborio Rice

The Amy’s Kitchen Mushroom Risotto with Arborio Rice isn’t new to the Freezer Meal Frenzy team — we reviewed it several years ago — but it is a dish we hadn’t sampled in a long time. When we saw that Amy’s had made a few minor tweaks to the box art, we decided to give it another look. After all, who doesn’t want to dive into a bowl of risotto?

Cooking Amy’s Kitchen meals is almost never a problem. While this dish can be baked in your oven, you’ll have an easier time if you opt for the microwave. Your dish can be cooked and ready to eat in under five minutes, which is pretty hard to beat. It might look a little soupy when it comes out of the microwave, but we promise, it’s better than it looks.

Amy's Mushroom Risotto with Arborio Rice

It looks like Amy’s has made some minor tweaks to the dish since we last reviewed it. The original dish had 240 calories, while the new dish has 230 calories. Since the list of ingredients looks the same, however, we’re going to assume that those changes aren’t that substantial. Flavor-wise, it’s just what we remember; meaty mushrooms, a creamy sauce, and way too many peas.

This really can’t compare to the Trader Joe’s Mushroom Risotto or the Evol Truffle Parmesan & Portabella Risotto, but if you’re looking for a meal for one, it’s not a bad option. It’s pretty tasty, and there are no issues with the quality of the ingredients. What really sets this apart from other frozen risottos on the market is that it’s gluten-free. If you’re avoiding gluten, and you’re craving some creamy, starchy rice, this meal was made with you in mind. If you can digest gluten just fine, we think you have better options for frozen risotto.

The Amy’s Mushroom Risotto with Arborio Rice isn’t the best frozen risotto we’ve sampled, nor is it one of the best dishes in the Amy’s Kitchen line. It is, however, a low-calorie, gluten-free meal that’s pretty appealing. If that sounds good to you, we recommend picking this up.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Amy’s Kitchen frozen meal, check out our package scans below.

Amy's Mushroom Risotto with Arborio Rice
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