Sweet Earth Curry Tiger Burrito Review

Sweet Earth Curry Tiger Burrito

Sweet Earth burritos were some of the very first products we reviewed at Freezer Meal Frenzy. Since then, we’ve sampled plenty of frozen burritos — and plenty of other frozen meals — but these products are still among our favorites. When we originally reviewed the Sweet Earth Curry Tiger Burrito, we were impressed by its rich flavor and hearty filling. As you might expect, we were pretty eager to bite into this burrito again.

Sweet Earth burritos are tastiest when cooked in the oven, but if you’re too hungry to wait 50 minutes, the microwave will do just fine. If you do microwave these burritos, we recommend slicing them open before you eat them to make sure they’re fully cooked. Our burrito came out perfectly after two minutes.

Sweet Earth Curry Tiger Burrito

Because this is called the Curry Tiger, you might be expecting a burrito with a good spicy kick to it. While this spiced burrito isn’t lacking in flavor, it doesn’t have much of a heat level. The curry powder is pretty mild, and the creamy coconut milk reduces the meal’s heat even more. We’d suggest adding sriracha or some chutney if you want to boost the spiciness level, but the dish is still delicious on its own. The combination of lentils, seitan, and vegetables make this a delight on a textural front as well.

This is a 320 calorie burrito with 19 grams of protein, making this an appealing lunch option for dieters. The burrito isn’t huge, but it is pretty satiating. If you combine this with a side, like the Deep Indian Kitchen Potato & Pea Samosas, you’ll have an amazing meal on your hands. If you’re really hungry, you could do what we did and wolf down two of these burritos one after the other!

The Sweet Earth Curry Tiger Burrito is one of the first frozen foods we reviewed, and it’s still one of our favorites. Whether you cook it to perfection in the oven or quickly toss it into the microwave, this is a yummy Indian-inspired burrito that anyone can eat. It’s flavorful and low in calories, and the spices are mild enough for less adventurous eaters. If you haven’t tried this burrito yet, it’s a product we heartily recommend.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Sweet Earth frozen burrito, check out our package scans below.

Sweet Earth Curry Tiger Burrito
Sweet Earth Curry Tiger Burrito
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