Evol Low Carb Lifestyle Cheese Pizza Review

Evol Low Carb Lifestyle Cheese Pizza

We almost made a huge mistake. See, we picked up the Evol Low Carb Lifestyle Cheese Pizza, thinking that our vegetarian staffers would take a crack at it. Thankfully we checked the box before digging in, because while cheese pizza is typically vegetarian-friendly, this one is not. The crust is made using chicken.

That’s part of the low-carb thing advertised on the box, of course, but less careful readers should be warned that this is not a vegetarian pizza. That said, we do have non-vegetarian staffers as well, so we tossed the Evol Low Carb Lifestyle Cheese Pizza their way to see what it was all about.

This needs to be cooked in the oven, so it takes a bit more time than your average single-serve pizza — it’s more akin to a full-size pizza as far as cooking time goes. The cooking method, though, is a little strange. You’ll preheat your oven, then get out a baking sheet. Coat that baking sheet with aluminum foil, then place the pizza on the little disc that comes inside the package and place that on the baking sheet. Then stick the whole thing in the oven for 20 to 22 minutes. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions straight from the back of the box, check out our package scans at the bottom of this review.)

Evol Low Carb Lifestyle Cheese Pizza

This pizza surprised us before we cooked it, and it surprised us again when we pulled it out of the oven. The whole thing actually smells like chicken breast rather than pizza. The reason for this is that the crust is just a big slab of processed chicken. It actually looks like a double-thick slice of bologna, as you can probably see in the image above.

And quite frankly, that’s kind of weird. While we’ve certainly had chicken on pizza before, we’ve never had a pizza completely made out of chicken. Were still trying two wrap our heads around it.

The cheese blend here is quite good. It’s a mix of cheddar and mozzarella, and there’s parmesan mixed into the chicken as well. It’s very tasty. Even though there’s not a whole lot of sauce, what’s here is actually pretty decent as well. There’s just an overwhelming weirdness to this pizza that we can’t get over. The top of it tastes like pizza while the bottom half is more like a chicken parmesan dish.

This pizza has just 8g of carbs. Compare that with a DiGiorno personal-sized cheese pizza, which has 83g, and you’ll see that the Evol pizza makes a substantial cut in the carb department. The cost of this low amount of carbs, however, is a high amount of calories and sodium. This pizza contains 450 calories and a whopping 1,460 mg of sodium. That’s quite a lot, especially considering how small this pizza actually is. The chicken does make it more filling than you’d expect, but it still doesn’t feel like a substantial meal to us.

There is very little that is normal about the Evol Low Carb Lifestyle Cheese Pizza, including the flavor. If you’re looking for something experimental, this might be interesting to try, but if you’re just craving a tasty pizza without the carbs, you might want to try something else. We’re not sure this would satisfy a true pizza craving.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Evol frozen pizza, check out the package scans below.

Evol Low Carb Lifestyle Cheese Pizza
Evol Low Carb Lifestyle Cheese Pizza
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