Lotzza Motzza Micro Brew Supreme Pizza Review

Lotzza Motzza Micro Brew Supreme Pizza

We’re big fans of the Lotzza Motzza brand of frozen pizzas here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. So we’ve been plowing our way through their line, trying as many of their frozen pizzas as we can find. However, all of the pizzas we’ve reviewed so far have been of the twelve-inch variety. Lotzza Motzza also makes what they call their “Micro Brew” pizzas, which are nine inches in diameter.

Today we’re going to begin our voyage into smaller-pizza territory with the Lotzza Motzza Micro Brew Supreme Pizza.

Cooking this is simple. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit, then pop the pizza in for 18 to 23 minutes (we usually find 21 minutes to be just about perfect). The instructions say to place this directly on the center oven rack, but we always use a baking sheet. It’s much less messy that way. (If you want to see the full cooking instructions, check out the package scan at the bottom of this review.)

When we first pulled this out of the oven, we were astonished by how much cheese there is on this thing. Just look at the image below.

Lotzza Motzza Micro Brew Supreme Pizza

That’s a boatload of cheese, right?

What you can’t see in that picture is that this thing is also loaded up with sauce. It’s absolutely dripping with the stuff, which has a lovely tomatoey flavor and just a tad bit of spiciness. It’s a great sauce, especially when gooped up with gobs of mozzarella. This makes for an absolutely killer combo.

If there’s a drawback to this at all, it’s that the other ingredients get a little bit lost in the mix. This is a supreme pizza, which means it features pepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms and both green and red peppers. All of that stuff gets buried beneath the absurd amount of cheese on this pizza. We don’t mind, of course, but if you’re here for the “supreme” part of this pizza, you’re going to have to dig for it.

Lotzza Motzza Micro Brew Supreme Pizza

We’ve been resisting the urge to call this a personal pizza, because it’s not really designed to be. According to the package, there are four servings here. Of course, we do think it’s likely that you’ll split this pizza in two rather than eat just a quarter of it, unless you’re looking for a small snack. While this is definitely bigger than one of DiGiorno’s personal-sized pizzas, it’s not a full twelve-inch pie.

The serving size is broken up this way as an attempt to draw attention away from the fact that this thing is absolutely loaded with calories. That quarter-pizza serving has 270, which means a half pizza has 540 calories and a whole one has 1,080. Could you actually eat a whole pizza in a sitting? Well, we had one ambitious staffer try it (for science), and they ended up giving up about 2/3 of the way through. The heaps of cheese just make this so filling!

The Lotzza Motzza Micro Brew Supreme Pizza is a fantastic pizza, especially for lovers of cheese. We really like this pizza, and despite the high calorie count, we can definitely see us returning to this one time and time again.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen pizza, check out our package scan below.

Lotzza Motzza Micro Brew Supreme Pizza
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