Deep Indian Kitchen Chicken Curry Review

Deep Indian Kitchen Chicken Curry

We started panicking a little bit when we noticed that stock for the Tandoor Chef line of frozen foods was dwindling at all the grocery stores we shop at. Tandoor Chef made some of the best frozen Indian foods on the market, so it would be a shame to see the company disappear.

We breathed a heavy sigh of relief when we figured out what happened: Tandoor Chef had become Deep Indian Kitchen in an attempt to reach the Millennial demographic. So, the astonishingly high level of quality that we grew to expect from Tandoor Chef hasn’t disappeared; it simply moved over to Deep Indian Kitchen.

One of the benefits of this move is that we now get to write fresh reviews, which means there’s a whole bunch of great meals that we get to taste again. Today’s frozen meal is the Deep Indian Kitchen Chicken Curry, which we absolutely adored when it was part of the Tandoor Chef line. We’re quite excited to give this one another go.

Heating this is no more difficult than your average Lean Cuisine meal. Simply pop it into the microwave, give it a quick stir, and pop it back in. If you want to see the more detailed instructions, check out the package scans at the bottom of this review.

Deep Indian Kitchen Chicken Curry

So many of the Indian-inspired dishes we try here at Freezer Meal Frenzy feature a whole lot of rice with a little bit of chicken and curry. This dish is the exact opposite, using the rice as a tasty side rather than a cheap way to bulk out the meal. We respect this choice a lot.

Now, we’re normally hesitant to use a word like perfect, but we think this chicken might actually be exactly that — it’s perfect. It has a lovely resistance and just a little bit of gristle when you bite into it but it’s not too hard, and it’s delightfully juicy. These are all the best qualities of chicken, and we don’t usually find all of them together in a frozen meal.

The savory curry sauce only enhances it. It has that cravable flavor that will have you heading back to the store to buy more, and it smells so good when it comes out of the microwave that you’re tummy will audibly rumble. It does have some spiciness to it, of course. It’s not over-the-top or anything, but we’d say this is above average for a frozen meal.

The rice is mostly here as a side dish, but even that has a nice flavor that we don’t usually associate with the rice portion of a frozen meal. This stuff is actually tasty on its own, and the curry sauce brings it to another level. The consistency is amazing as well. Some frozen Indian meal have rice that’s a little bit hard — this stuff is soft but it still has some form to it. It’s a really lovely rice.

The calorie count is not bad here at all. With just 320 calories per meal, you won’t have to feel guilty about chowing down on this frozen curry dish. The sodium isn’t bad either, at 540 mg. In fact, that’s a lot lower than we were expecting — while the calorie count is the same as the old version, the sodium has been reduced a bit. And that’s definitely a good thing.

The Deep Indian Kitchen Chicken Curry is fantastic. It was fantastic when it was a Tandoor Chef Meal, and changing the brand name hasn’t impacted that one bit. This is one of the best frozen curry dishes on the market.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen meal, check out our package scans below.

Deep Indian Kitchen Chicken Curry
Deep Indian Kitchen Chicken Curry
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