Healthy Choice Shiitake Chicken Wrap Review

Healthy Choice Shiitake Chicken Wrap

The Healthy Choice brand of frozen food has sort of been on timeout here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. See, after one of their meals started a fire in our kitchen, we decided to say goodbye to the brand for a while. We gave them another chance when they put out their Mexican Street Corn, but that meal wasn’t a big hit so we put them back on timeout.

Well, they’ve tempted us into a revisit with a brand-new line of frozen wraps. We love wraps enough that we figured it was time to revisit the Healthy Choice line, though it’s certainly not without hesitation. So today we’re crossing our fingers and hoping for the best as we bite into the Healthy Choice Shiitake Chicken Wrap.

This is easy enough to heat. Simply spread out a paper towel like a picnic blanket across your plate, put the wrap on it seam-side-up, and cook on medium power for two minutes. Then, give it an extra minute or two on full heat. We’re honestly not the biggest fans of using power adjustment on our microwave, but it’s not difficult to do it.

When we cracked open our wrap, we were surprised by how colorful the filling is. That’s because this thing is loaded up with veggies, from carrots to spinach to chili peppers and bell peppers. The shiitake mushrooms are actually few and far between, but we’re fine with that because they’re a bit rubbery and they don’t have much flavor.

Healthy Choice Shiitake Chicken Wrap

The chicken, however, is fantastic. It’s a delightfully juicy and flavorful white meat, and the portion size is a whole lot more generous than the shiitake mushroom portion.

There’s a vinaigrette dressing with some honey, brown sugar, ginger puree, and garlic mixed in, giving some sweetness with a savory finish. The sweetness is pretty subtle, of course, but it really underscores the flavor palette here. Overally, we think this is pretty tasty.

One wrap contains 310 calories and 530 mg of sodium, which is not bad for a frozen meal. However, this really isn’t a lot of food, and we could definitely imagine eating two of these in a single sitting if we were really hungry. Be careful, because those numbers start to add up when you start double-fisting chicken wraps.

The Healthy Choice Shiitake Wrap is a pretty tasty wrap with not a lot of calories. It is pretty small, though, so you could be easily tempted into going for a second one after you’ve finished the first. Still, as a light snack in between meals, we think this is a pretty satisfying wrap.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen wrap, check out our package scans below.

Healthy Choice Shiitake Chicken Wrap
Healthy Choice Shiitake Chicken Wrap
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