Trader Joe’s Gone Berry Crazy! Review

Trader Joe's Gone Berry Crazy!

The freezer aisle at Trader Joe’s is jam-packed with sweet treats if you know where to look. The frozen food selection is not all chicken chunks and enchiladas, you know!

One of those tasty desserts is called Gone Bananas! It’s a little box filled with chocolate-covered bananas, and those little guys are absolutely delicious. So we were excited to learn that there’s also a strawberry version, the Trader Joe’s Gone Berry Crazy! This, dear readers, is what we’re trying out today.

As you can see in the image below, these come sealed in a plastic bag. You’ll just need to cut that open and dig right in. Don’t thaw these first; they’re intended to be eaten right out of the freezer.

Trader Joe's Gone Berry Crazy!

These are simple treats, just chunks of strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and then flash-frozen. But simplicity isn’t a bad thing, especially when it results in treats like these.

The dark chocolate shell is thin and brittle, but it’s still sweet and extremely rich. It starts to melt as soon as you pop one into your mouth — and even sooner than that if you hold a piece in your fingers for more than 30 seconds or so.

Once you bite through the shell, you’re entering fruity berry-tory. These Thai strawberries are loaded with sweet, juicy flavor, and the coldness is really satisfying.

Trader Joe's Gone Berry Crazy!

We do have one complaint, however. With the banana treats, the banana portion stays soft even in the freezer. The strawberries get a little bit harder. We think that’s probably due to the fact that strawberries are a more naturally watery fruit, which makes them freeze a bit harder than bananas. Now, to be clear, these are still wonderful, we just would give the edge to the bananas in a competition for which of these is the better dessert. The strawberry version is still very good.

For a dessert these really aren’t bad in the calorie department. 1/4 of the box, which seems like a reasonable serving size to us, contains 100 calories and only 20 mg of sodium. Even dieters will find something to love here.

The Trader Joe’s Gone Berry Crazy! strawberry bites are very good and quite craveable, but we think the Gone Bananas! bites still have the edge over these ones. That’s mostly a hardness thing for us, because the flavor is still berry-tastic. If you can only pick one or the other, choose the Gone Bananas!, but there’s no reason you can’t pick up both!

If you want to learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in these Trader Joe’s strawberry bites, check out our package scan below.

Trader Joe's Gone Berry Crazy!
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