LaunchBox Jumpin’ Turkey Jack Sandwiches Review

LaunchBox Jumpin' Turkey Jack Sandwiches

We’re trying something a bit different today. See, the LaunchBox line of sandwich pockets are actually a frozen food, but they don’t require heating; they’re meant to be eaten cold. So, after a brief visit to the brand’s absolutely horrifying website, we thought we’d give these sandwiches a try.

Today we’re digging into the LaunchBox Jumpin’ Turkey Jack sandwich to see what it’s all about.

These sandwiches actually come individually wrapped, with four in a box. We were expecting maybe a clear plastic packet here, but there’s a full-on printed bag for every sandwich. It’s a nice touch, if a bit unnecessary. Though we suppose these are designed to go inside a lunch box for kids, so a lovely green snack pack is probably a lot more fun than a nondescript clear bag.

LaunchBox Jumpin' Turkey Jack Sandwiches

There’s no prep work at all. Well, that’s sort of true. What we mean is that you don’t need to cook these sandwiches. Just take one out of the freezer and jam it into a lunchbox; it should be ready to go by lunchtime.

The box says it takes about three hours to fully thaw, but we think it will take longer than that if the sandwich is in a cooler or the fridge. The first sandwich we opened wasn’t fully thawed after three hours, so we waited a couple more hours and pulled out a second one.

LaunchBox Jumpin' Turkey Jack Sandwiches

As you an see in the image above, this is actually a super simple sandwich. There’s a thick slice of turkey and a piece of colby jack cheese pressed between two pieces of wheat bread. There are no condiments here, but you could always toss a mayo or mustard packet into the lunchbox with the sandwich.

As plain sandwiches, these are just alright. They’re a bit heavy on the bread, and that bread is kind of plain-tasting for a wheat bread. In fact, this really just tastes like a white bread to us. Plus, the tiny amounts of meat and cheese aren’t enough to get a good flavor going to counter the blandness of the bread. We tried one with some mayo, however, and that made it a bit more tasty.

Is one of these sandwiches enough for lunch? Well, that depends on whether your kids are ravenous monsters or appetite-less finicky eaters, but we’re going to say that a single sandwich isn’t a meal on its own. You can pair it with some juice and some crackers and maybe a piece of fruit. For insatiable kids, though, you might still need two sandwiches. These are more of a snack-sized item than a meal-sized item. And for adults? Yeah, you’re going to eat more than one for sure.

That said, each sandwich contains 120 calories and 300 mg of sodium. See what we mean? There’s not much to these little guys.

The LaunchBox Jumpin’ Jack Turkey Jack sandwiches are pretty plain, but they can be decorated with your favorite condiment. While we appreciate the convenience here, we do prefer to make our own turkey sandwiches. We have higher standards when it comes to wheat bread than the folks at LaunchBox do, unfortunately, and that makes these sandwiches kind of a miss for us.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients for these frozen sandwiches, check out our package scans below.

LaunchBox Jumpin' Turkey Jack Sandwiches
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