Lotzza Motzza Sausage & Mushroom Pizza Review

Lotzza Motzza Sausage & Mushroom Pizza

We love Lotzza Motzza pizzas here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. But really, what respectable Midwesterner doesn’t love Lotzza Motzza? Their sausage pizza might very well be the best item in their entire line, so we’re always trying to find more of their pizzas that contain sausage.

When we stumbled upon the Lotzza Motzza Sausage & Mushroom Pizza during a recent excursion to our local grocery store, we thought we’d died and gone to pizza Heaven. This could be the pie that will make all of our wildest dreams come true. So today we’re very, very happy to be checking out the Lotzza Motzza Sausage & Mushroom Pizza. Let’s dig in!

Cooking a Lotzza Motzza pizza is pretty much what you’d expect from any frozen pizza. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit, then pop the pizza in for about 21 minutes. The directions say to place the pizza directly on the center rack of the oven, but we always use a baking sheet and we’ve never had a problem. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions, check out the package scan at the bottom of this review.)

Lotzza Motzza Sausage & Mushroom Pizza

Lotzza Motzza’s sausage is phenomenal. It comes in decent-sized balls, and it’s rich and just a little bit spicy. This is the real deal when it comes to pizza toppings. Unfortunately, there’s less of it here than on the plain sausage pizza. That was done to make more room for the mushrooms, but it ends up being kind of a disappointing choice. The sausage that’s here in mind-blowingly good, but there’s just not very much of it.

That wouldn’t be a problem if the mushrooms were as good as the sausage, but they’re not. We love mushrooms, and Lotzza Motzza typically uses incredibly high-quality ingredients, but these are just okay. They’re juicy and flavorful, but they’re kind of rubbery and have a weird aftertaste. They’re also cut smaller than we’d prefer. We think Lotzza Motzza probably knew what they were working with here and deliberately chopped these smaller so they would fade into the background a little bit. But if that’s the case, why wouldn’t they have also added more sausage? If there had been more sausage here, we don’t think we’d have even noticed that the mushrooms are less than excellent.

Lotzza Motzza Sausage & Mushroom Pizza

With all that said, this is still a Lotzza Motzza pizza. It takes a great pub-style crust, slathers it in a delicious red sauce, and loads it up with gobs of mozzarella cheese. The mushrooms are the only things on this entire pizza that aren’t exceptional.

Of course, the calorie count is nothing to scoff at. With 300 calories per serving, and five servings per pizza, a full pie contains 1,500 calories. You won’t eat a full pizza, but half a pizza is doable, and that brings you to 750 calories. And if that’s not bad enough, a full pizza also contains 3,500 mg of sodium, meaning half a pizza contains 1,750 mg of the stuff. Clearly, this is not made for dieters.

The Lotzza Motzza Sausage & Mushroom Pizza had a shot at being the best pizza in this entire line, but the mushrooms just aren’t up to snuff and there’s not enough sausage to make up for that fact. Please don’t take this as us saying this is a bad pizza, though. It’s incredible. This pizza will blow most of the competition out of the water. But it’s not as good as the plain sausage pizza from this same line. We’re just being especially picky here because we have such high expectations for Lotzza Motzza in general, and we think this one could have been better.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Lotzza Motzza frozen pizza, check out our package scan below.

Lotzza Motzza Sausage & Mushroom Pizza
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